“Brother Hu has something else this morning,It starts in the afternoon,So let me continue to sleep。”people,Especially men,As long as I have time I will stay in bed and don’t want to move。Rest for them,Really precious。

Not like some women,As long as there is time,Even tired,Still have to go shopping。
“Is that so?Then get up to eat breakfast and then sleep。”Hua Zai’s mother persuaded。
She is very grateful to the boss,Work like that for my son。The minds of these small households are actually very simple,Get a job,Then live,Who treats them well,I have a pole scale in my heart。
at the same time,Hu Yang is eating breakfast at Zhang Yihua’s house。
Present,And his parents,And mother-in-law。Buying a house is a big deal,The parents of the two families also come to give some advice。of course,There is another purpose,Just to see Populus,Thank you in person。
Even brothers,Lending millions to buy a house for you is a rare thing。
“Uncle and aunt,Stop being polite,My relationship with Lao Zhang,No need to say thanks。”Populus smiled bitterly。
Zhang Yihua is full of emotion,There were four people in the dormitory,It happened that he and Populus hit the best match,I almost always wear a pair of pants。
“dad、Mom, don’t thank you,Embarrass Lao Hu。”Zhang Yihua also speaks。
Uncle Zhang glared at his son,Others treat you well,Be grateful,Don’t take it for granted。
“go,Go see the house。”Populus euphratica changes the subject。
Yulongju is not far away,It is a comprehensive residential estate,Near the outside of the curb,It’s a row of twenty-story buildings,It’s also an ordinary commercial house。On the inside,Are some whole houses for sale。
It is said that,The price of the villa is over 30 million,All sold。
First-tier cities,20-30 million villas are relatively close to the people,After all, some real estate commercial houses cost tens of millions,Single-family villas are a little expensive。
“Nowadays,The price has gone up a little bit。”Zhang Yihua said。

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