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What the other person said is true。Qin Feng thought for a while,I don’t think these people need to lie to him.?
“Can i meet that person?”Qin Feng finally said this after reaching a conclusion。
All say seeing is believing,So he decided to take a look to know the truth or not。
“This,If you are worried, it’s okay to take a look。But we are afraid that when you meet Zhang Lili, you will come to the bottom to draw salary。Just like you don’t believe us,We actually have doubts about your share。In case you are not Zhang Lili’s friend,But the words of a spy sent by our enemies,We let you see Zhang Lili, but we are taking great risks!”
Finished,The old way looks at Qin Feng,“All words are here,If you still want to use tough methods,The old man can only do once with you。”
“Ha ha,There is no need to fight。If you don’t want me close。We use video chat,Let me see if that one is well。At least I’m afraid you will abuse her!”
“you,You are living a gentleman’s belly like a villain!Row,You can see it!We also have mobile phones anyway。Give me the number!”
Qin Feng didn’t expect the old way to agree。So it seems,What the other party said is true?
About ten minutes later,Lao Dao found the people over there and communicated with Qin Feng。This also verified Qin Feng’s idea,This group is not just the old man in front of you。
In other words,If Qin Feng really wants to fight,Basically at least it’s a one-to-two situation,Qin Feng knew that he would lose very hard。
After all, in the setting of this new boundary,Qin Feng is no different from those newborn babies。
Okay,In video chat,Qin Feng saw Zhang Lili just asleep。And it depends on her condition,This group didn’t mean to abuse。
But this is only the first day,Some things are really hard to say。
But the other party backed down to this point,Qin Feng can’t say that he wants to stay here and see if the people of Guiyi will abuse Zhang Lili.。
Qin Feng acted very simply。
Qin Feng was fast when he left,Back to the main road before long,Where you park yourself。And near here,There are also a few agents waiting here。
But they dare not go deep。

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