“girl,I think you like it too,May wish to make an offer。”He prefers to do business with a rookie like Ye Mei。

Ye Mei showed an awkward expression:“I don’t understand,How much does this usually sell?”
Get!Play fine!The audience in the live room watched,Laughed,They are all master performers!What little meat,Watch Hu’s live broadcast more!It should be of great help to your acting skills。
The stall owner almost didn’t laugh,I have determined that this woman really just played。
He said solemnly:“I am a treasure of the Qing Dynasty,Generally speaking,Tens of thousands of dollars,I think you really like it,20,000 for you。”
Ye Mei saw Ma wanted to speak,make a prompt decision,Finalize now:“it is good,Then 20,000,thank you!”
Ma hasn’t said what he said yet,The buyer and the seller have reached an agreement,Let him not know how to insert the topic for a while。
The stall owner was taken aback,Regret,Is the price a bit low??This woman,Seems very bold。Oh my god!I am a fool,This opportunity,The lion didn’t take the opportunity to speak。
however,I just said 20,000 yuan to others,It’s too late to regret now。
Seeing that the two will have a deal,Ma couldn’t help but speak:“I can give 21,000。”
Ye Mei frowns:“Why are you like this?Deliberately having trouble with me?boss,You just said 20,000,I won’t regret it now?”
She deliberately said something louder,Attract the attention of people around。
really,Everyone look over。
The stall owner who really had a dim sum,Look at everyone’s eyes,Said quickly:“Since I said 20,000 for you,That must be the answer,We do business,The most important thing is speaking。”
just,The stall owner was crying:Had known,I shouldn’t say anything about 20,000。
Ma knows,I have missed this flower god cup,Impossible to get,Turn around and leave。

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