But when I heard Qin Feng’s ugly words,Feel uncomfortable,I can even say very angry。So waved,Just let the guards come。

Some members of the escort can be equipped with firearms,But under normal circumstances it is definitely not needed。And this time,Maybe it finally has a place?
“You threaten me,I recorded it and I told you!”Qin Feng is cheap。
After all, I can see an old man.
Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Eight Buy Qin Feng
“This time we count,We overestimated our combat effectiveness。What do you want to let us go?”Relatively speaking,Mo Xin can bend and stretch much more。
But his wife doesn’t think so,“Why are you begging him?How can such a small yakuza treat us?We are here but someone else knows,Does he dare to kill us here??”Zeng Jing was dissatisfied,I even hate iron but not steel for my husband。
After all, Zeng Jing really doesn’t think what Qin Feng can do to them,Although no one else can stand up now,Mo Xin could only kneel on the ground,But Zeng Jing was kicked by Qin Feng.
Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Nine Captain Warrior
“Bastard!”Zeng Shichang never spoke during the negotiation between Qin Feng and Zeng Chendong,I even close my eyes most of the time。
It’s just that Zeng Shichang really couldn’t help it when he heard Qin Feng’s last words.,“Qin Feng Xiaoer,Could it be that you deceived our Zeng family??I really thought we were afraid of you by giving these things out?We just don’t want to make things too ugly!You’re a little special force,I really think our Zeng family can’t deal with you, right??”
“Yo,I’m so angry, old man。Listen to you,You still want to hit me?”Qin Feng smiled,I think this old man of the Zeng family is really not at all popular。.
Chapter Four Hundred and Seventieth Reasons for marriage
“putP,Simply outrageous!”Qin Feng was so angry that he scolded,“Look at the special team members behind you。I can’t lift my head anymore,Facing these family garbage, they don’t have any arrogance.。Are you war bears of this kind of virtue??No wonder you company during the Golden Triangle battlePDare not put one,So you are all scared, right??In this case,There is no need for you。Disbanded!Especially you, Captain War Bear,Should go to a military court!”

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