How loud is the applause,Even Qin Feng and others have no way to imagine。

of course,They are also very clear,This thing is quite normal。
Because if there is no such situation,That’s a weird thing。
Gao Hao made such a big move just now,This voice fits the status quo。
at the same time,Qin Feng also took a deep breath,He really has a headache,What the hell is this?
This matter,Or act for him?
No matter what,He is already full of entanglements。
Yunfeng on the side also felt,I shouldn’t be involved in such a thing today。
No matter how you look at this kind of thing, it is very troublesome。
Gao Hao looked at this unwilling son and asked:“Do you know what’s wrong?”
“Where did i go wrong?”Gao Yu still doesn’t want to admit his mistake。
“Ha ha,Where did you go wrong,Your fault is that you are my Gao Hao’s son,Tell yourself,If you are not my son,Will someone look at you more when you go out?”
Gao Hao said coldly,He is not a leader at this moment,He is a father。
Actually,I just slapped Gao Yu on the body,His heart is also very painful,But he knows better,If we don’t take care of these things today,No matter how Qin Feng wants Gao Yu。
Sometimes,An opportunity is more important than anything。

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