To know,Lu Menglin in the previous life,Later, he worked as a magazine editor for four years,Quickly entered the state,Take out the skill of reviewing papers,He just cut out a few small mistakes。

With the voice of the invigilator chanting paper,The classmates in the classroom slowly stood up,Reluctantly left the seat。
The examination room for the monthly exam is to break up the whole year students and sit together,No one knows how the people next to him are doing,Plus people are not familiar,So plagiarism is not very common。
The second test is English,Listening first,Retake the written test,For a time,The whole grade hallway is quiet,In every classroom, only the test questions on the audiotape are left。
After rebirth,Lu Menglin’s English ability is no longer what it used to be,Especially listening and speaking,These simple sentence patterns in listening questions,For him now,Almost no difficulty。
And the listening questions in high school,Always half listening,Half guessed,As long as you understand the words before and after,Can basically guess the meaning of the title,And the answer has almost no tricks and skills。
So there are only two situations for listening questions,One is completely incomprehensible,One is not fully understood,But I can answer the question,And the correct rate is not low。
Lu Menglin raised his ears,Listen carefully,These questions are for him who speaks strong,The correct rate of words is almost 95%,So the correct rate of answers has reached an extraordinary level。
After finishing the listening questions,Lu Menglin feels well,The multiple-choice questions in the written test are in his eyes,They are all easy to send sub-questions。
As long as the vocabulary is sufficient,80% of the difficulty in English has been overcome。
Multiple choice questions are done fast,The following reading comprehension is not too difficult,But the final English composition made Lu Menglin hesitate。
In the last life he could only write emails in English,Where have written English articles,A bit difficult for a while。
Wrote a few random sentences,Still feel weird,Lu Menglin thought for a while,Decided to give up。
Rather than use a bad grammar here to force sentences,It’s better to check the multiple-choice questions in front,Make some more mistakes。
With the life experience of the previous life,Lu Menglin’s purpose in improving performance is very clear,Not deliberately seeking to solve problems,Just try to improve the score,Look at the problem comprehensively rather than partial。
In fact,The English composition question in front of him is indeed off the mark,The topic of the topic is too deep,At the beginning of the article, several extremely rare words and grammar are involved,Has completely separated from the content of the textbook at this stage。
So most top English students,Faced with such essay questions,All dumbfounded,They racked their brains to organize language,Wrote some self-righteous sentences,Hope to express clearly,But it wasted time for inspection。

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