“Then you do have that wicked heart, right,I just thought about being in the office, right??”

Lin Yuna said:“Sister Bai, wronged,I can make an analogy without me,I don’t have that nasty heart,I don’t have the guts。”
“I dare not occupy your office,Even if I occupy Xiao Fan’s office,You can’t have the idea of occupying your office。”
“You are my dearest sister Bai。How can I do such a thing??”
Bai Qi said to Lin Yoona:“So much the better,you can。Don’t be guilty,Can’t have this guts。”
“Otherwise!Your sister Bai,I’m not a vegetarian,Although I can’t take you?”
“At that time,I don’t eat all day,Scared you to death。”
“That’s really not good,How can I bear to watch without eating all day?So i will never。”Lin Yuner said with a smile。
“Director Bai deserves to be Director Bai。Sure enough,Blockbuster。”
Baiqi said:“All right。Don’t shoot here,I’m flattering,Whatever does not sound,Blockbuster。Hurry up to eat,We went to school after dinner,Finally, the work is over。”
Lin Yuna said:“it is good。Eat dinner。”Qiao Si watched them chat。Can’t close your mouth。
He watched Bai Qi and Lin Yooner pouting all day and found it very interesting。
It is estimated that the whole company dared to compete with Lin Yuner and only Baiqi。You can’t talk like that if you don’t have a real relationship。
“okay,Almost eaten,Let’s go,We go to school。”Bai Qi put down his chopsticks and said。
Xiao Fan opened his eyes in the room and found that the person next to him was gone。He turned on the phone habitually。
I found the WeChat that Lin Yoona sent him。Lin Yuner said to him:“I’m going to the school first,Remember to eat after you wake up。”

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