When Wei Xiaoxing told He Bu on his back,Everyone laughed at them,He Bu is already short,Carry such a big bow,Looks like a craftsman playing cotton in the country,The kind of quilt for people walking around。

The big bow is exaggerated,And there is no arrow,It’s not a weapon that humans can use at all,There are only honest children like He Bu,Being honestly picked up by Wei Xiaoxing and left。
When the bow stands upright,A bit taller than Hobu,He stood in front of that huge bow,It’s really sad!
“He Bu,You try to draw the bow,Aim at that sledgehammer,Focus,It’s like a knife。”Wei Xiaoxing said。
He Buyiyan,Hold the bowstring with both hands,Shout,Forehead light lines faintly shiny,But the body is hard after the beginning of life。
“Pulled away!”
“Can really pull!”Everyone was amazed。
He Bu’s brute force is too strong,Then
A big bow,Was really pulled by him。
It’s a pity to have a bow but no arrows,No one can find a suitable arrow at this time。
And it is inevitable that everyone has doubts,Although this bow looks very majestic,Can you really shoot a powerful attack??
That sheep’s head is a monster,He Buming is a human!
He Bu concentrating,The light pattern on the forehead faintly found,His hands are steady,The confidence in my eyes is getting more and more,He knew he must shoot this arrow。
“Wait,Wait a moment!”at this time,Wei Xiaoxing on the side suddenly yelled。
Arrow on the string,Had to send!Wei Xiaoxing suddenly stopped,What do you mean?
He Bu was also slightly taken aback,The breath held in my chest suddenly vented,He looked at his friend Wei Xiaoxing puzzledly。
Wei Xiaoxing first smashed his head with his wrist,Then waved,Tao:“Wait a moment。I have a way!Bring the radar!”

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