This person is really careful enough。

I really took it!
Lin Yoona took a look,Liu Shanshan who still looks angry till now,to be frank,She really can’t figure it out,Just such a caring,She is also a lively and lovely girl,Why did you pick one to watch her three times?,Even girls who don’t agree with six views come to be boyfriends!
Lin Yoona shook her head helplessly,So I no longer look to their side。
after all,This Liu Shanshan and Song Haiyang,It was the first time she and Xiao Fan met today,So,For her and Xiao Fan, the two of them,At best, it’s a stranger who just knows his name.。
Lin Yuner’s eyes looked to the other side,Xiao Fan’s movements are naturally the same as him,He was also when Lin Yuner looked at the other side,Also very tacitly turned his head to the other side。
to be frank,Xiao Fan really looks down on Song Haiyang!
There is no contrast,No harm,and so,After seeing a person like Tian Xingyao who can donate all his savings to warm his heart,Let’s look at Song Haiyang again,But I still look down on this heart-warming home,Xiao Fan really looked at him more,Will feel an eye!
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Three Too lazy to talk
but,Xiao Fan’s thoughts are the same as Lin Yoona’s thoughts at this time,That’s how Song Haiyang is,Then he is also Liu Shanshan’s boyfriend,Has nothing to do with him。
and so,For such a person,Xiao Fan usually doesn’t bother to take care of it。
Although in this office,Out of five,Liu Shanshan and Song Haiyang shouted at what they just said,The two of them are equivalent to the parties,and so,Both of them know this well。
And Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner can be said to have witnessed the cruel expression Liu Shanshan had just pinched Song Haiyang.,and so,To Song Haiyang’s painful scream,I didn’t care about it。
But this is the only one left,That is, Dean Wang, the heart-warming homeland, is different。
She is now full of thoughts on the next kind donation from this heart-warming home,Will these children get a guarantee in their future lives?,and so,Regarding the small actions of Liu Shanshan and Song Haiyang,Dean Wang hasn’t noticed at all。

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