“The maximum flight distance of the new engine will increase?”The airline people are half skeptical,Half surprised。

“Yes,Such as early modelsDC-10The one installed above is from General ElectricCF6-6Dengine,Maximum thrust only177.9KN,If you choose the latest model of General ElectricCF6-80C2,Maximum thrust has been reached282KN,The total thrust of these two engines even exceeds the total thrust of the original three engines,And the new versionCF6The fuel economy of the engine is better,According to our precise calculation,After installing a new engine,Dual-issue versionDC-10Can raise about10%Voyage。”
This explanation is very convincing,The original threeCF6-6DThe thrust is only533.7KN,And changedCF6-80C2after that,Total thrust has been reached564KN,Thrust is bigger than before30.3KN。
The thrust is big,Remove an engine,It means that the weight of the whole machine has been reduced,Plus the new engine has better fuel economy,At the same time, after removing the tail engine, some wind resistance was reduced.,increased10%Voyage,It is indeed possible in theory。
The executives of this airline nodded repeatedly:“If you choose to trade in,Change the originalDC-10Upgrade to the current new version,How much do we need to pay for this?In addition, how long is the entire construction period?”
This is the heartbeat!
The staff immediately smiled:“Mr,We have engineers here who explain and explain all this to you,If you are missing something interested,You can talk to our engineers……”
Little MacDonald’s face is red!
He hasn’t experienced this feeling of being surrounded and complimented by executives of various airlines for a long time.,This feeling made him so obsessed,It’s this feeling,To let him even now60Many years old,But still refused to leave McDonnell Douglas,The reason is that this feeling really makes him want to stop。
Just finished talking with a Lufthansa executive,The corner of his eye saw Chen Geng accidentally,Little Macdonald stepped forward immediately,Hold Chen Geng’s hand:“Fernandez,You are right,You are right,I’m very sure,Inviting you to McDonnell Douglas is the most correct decision I have made。”
Chen Geng blinked,Did not speak,What kind of excitement is this buddy??
Fortunately, Chen Geng doesn’t need to ask,Little Macdonald was excited by himself:“Fernandez,do you know?The Vice President Hans of Lufthansa just promised me,As long as our dual-issue versionDC-10PassedFAAAirworthiness certification,They will put all their passenger versionsDC-10Give us modification,This is80Multiple racksDC-10!
In addition, they gave us the dual-issue versionMD-11Also very interested……You are so right,Three release bureaus have fallen behind,The dual-release bureau composed of a large wide-body fuselage and a powerful engine is the trend of the times.……”
Little macdonald nagging、The preface does not follow,But Chen Geng finally understood what he meant:For the current situation,He is very satisfied,Very satisfied。
Smile and nod,Chen Gengdao:“Is your feedback so enthusiastic??if it is like this,Mike,From now on you have to consider another thing。”
“According to the current trend,Waiting for modificationDC-10May exceed400frame,And everyone is anxious,No one wants to continue operations with a bomb that might explode anytime,and so……”Shrug,Chen Gengdao:“You still think about how to complete the modification of these aircraft as soon as possible.,I guess these airlines will require McDonnell Douglas to complete these modifications within two years。”

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