Fortunately, the east is not bright, the west is bright,althoughL-188“Electra”Lockheed’s blood loss in the civil aircraft market,But it’s still good in the military aircraft market,Lockheed inL-188“Electra”Developed for the U.S. Navy on the basis ofP-3“Orion”The maritime patrol plane was a great success,From1962Entered the U.S. Navy,Have been serving40for many years。

One more thing,P-3This aircraft should be familiar to our domestic military fans,Not onlyP-3“Orion”Is an excellent maritime patrol aircraft,But because the United StatesP-3“Orion”Electronic warfare version:EP-3Electronic reconnaissance is recorded in2001The South China Sea in 1989 made us lose an excellent naval aviation pilot——Others are not easy to expand。
But here,Lockheed’s bad luck is not over yet,inL-188“Electra”Lockheed, which met with a bag, rose again,After two years of market research,They launched a research and development plan for a new generation of large wide-body jet airliners,It is the only large wide-body jet airliner of Lockheed、McDonnell DouglasDC-10akinL-1011“Samsung”Three-engine wide-body airliner。
L-1011“Samsung”The overall performance is very good,A large number of military aircraft technologies such as lift control systems are applied,Maximum flying altitude can be reached13000Meter,The maximum flight speed can also be reached0.95Maher,This means that as long as there is a little relative airflow in the air,This guy can theoretically be supersonic。
But we said,Lockheed’s bad luck is not over yet,Because thanDC-10For the sake of bringing it to the market a year later,L-1011“Samsung”Sad reminder again:Face AirbusA300、Boeing747、McDonnell DouglasDC-10Waiting for competitors to squeeze,To1983year,In production230After the remaining racks have to be discontinued,Lockheed reported losses25One hundred million U.S. dollars!
Consecutive losses,Let Lockheed finally stop thinking about doing something in the civil aircraft market,Put all the attention on the military aircraft business。
But after all, it has decades of technology accumulation,It would be a pity to just give up,Lockheed prepares to package and sell its civil aircraft business、Sell a good price,Thinking of making the last money in the civil aircraft market,unfortunately,In previous contacts with Boeing,Boeing simply doesn’t like Lockheed’s civil aircraft technology,McDonnell Douglas has neither money nor interest,Lockheed was so depressed、When I feel like I’m going to smash myself,Chen Geng’s acquisition of Fokker’s shares gave Bruce·Evans inspiration……
Bruce·Evans’ words not only make CEO Macomb·Hughes shines,It also made other group executives who participated in the regular meeting in the entire conference room shine.:what?This wide,This wide……
First of all,Fernandez·Chen Youqian!This is the most important,In theory as long as he wants to buy,Can afford,If Fernandez·Chen Douli has no money in total,Then don’t say anything;
Secondly,Fernandez·Chen You Willing to Enter the Aviation Industry,He not only acquired the Dutch Falkland-United Aviation Technology Corporation,Before that, he Haiyu Huaxia people established a joint venture company:What about China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Group;
once again,Fernandez·Although Chen has been in the aviation industry for a long time,,But the technical level is limited,Even if I bought the Dutch Fokker company now,You can only make FokkerF100Such a plane,300The manufacturing technology of the seat-level large wide-body airliner is beyond his reach.,and so……
Uh uh……
Thinking of finally getting rid of the big burden of civil aircraft business、At the same time, it’s a good thing,Some executives can’t help but startYYHow much money can you get from Chen Geng。
Macomb·Hughes immediately patted the table:“Let’s find a way to talk to Fernandez·Chen contact,Test what the other person means……”Speaking of which,Macomb·Hughes’ eyes fell on Bruce·Evans’ body:“Bruce,Leave this to you,any questions。”
Bruce·Evans was surprised and happy,Hurriedly:“no problem。”
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