This method is stupid,Also stupid,Indeed a very practical way,The limit they understand is broken again and again,Let them have a little bit of change。
Although this change is small,But just take it slow,I believe it will make them realize,They are no longer normal。
Want to be strong,It’s not human。
After all, people have limits。
And under the joy of beating,Rena feels like she is in control of energy,More freely。
Now these six people have no other ideas in their hearts,Some just run around!
One step faster,Physical exhaustion is not the main thing for them,Mental fatigue is。
Now these people only have their own spiritual body that recognizes the physical changes,Can better grasp the genes。As for Xin Zhao in Lena’s cognition,Just a bitch。
And slut can’t use common sense to care about。
“All right,Stop!”
Look at the time,Lena said she was not the devil,It’s time to get off work at twelve o’clock!
I heard Lena say stop,Some left some reaction,Stopped quickly,And already accustomed to,Like Ge Xiaolun’s body is bigger than his brain,Just ran a circle,Then stop。
“Why don’t you run away?”Watching the person stopping in front,Ge Xiaolun asked stupidly。
“Still running,Big sister said she stopped!”Liu Chuang also served Ge Xiaolun,He found that he had to talk about the body alone,Maybe I can’t beat him。
Ge Xiaolun heard this,Lying directly on the ground,I cried。
Rui Mengmeng is the most emotional,I can’t help but hug Qilin by her side,The eyes are also a little moist。

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