See here,Hu Yang smiled:“Only two hundred yuan,You can start if you like,You won’t suffer anyway。”

originally,Everyone doesn’t care about Lu Daqiang’s words,After all, what is this funny?
but,Even Brother Hu said so,Everyone is a little surprised,Revisit the tortoise shell,Especially teacher Ren,After all, things were put down from his hands。
If this tortoise shell is valuable,Then he will slap a bit。
Lu Daqiang is very excited,Asked excitedly:“Hu Ge,Didn’t this tortoise shell say it’s not an old thing?Why is it valuable?”
“Don’t you see the difference?”Populus asks,Let him think。
Teacher Ren also stared for a while,I realized that I was a little misguided,totally unexpected,This tortoise shell itself is a treasure。But this color is relatively rare,General tortoiseshell,Should be yellow。
Hua Zi also thought of a possibility:“This is not tortoiseshell?but,I haven’t seen this color。”
They watch,The carbon black on the tortoise shell has been erased,Reveal a shiny luster,under the sun,Bloody。This scarlet tortoiseshell,Many people see it for the first time。
“This is the tortoiseshell,And it’s the bloody tortoiseshell,Ugh!I’m careless。”Teacher Ren said regretfully。
With ivory、Rhino horn,Tortoiseshell is an organic gem。Famous poems of the Han Dynasty《Peacock flying southeast》In it“Footsteps,Tortoiseshell light on head”Verse。
Actually,During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period,China began to use tortoiseshell,Throughout the feudal era,Until now,Tortoiseshell is still a precious organic gem,very popular。
Tortoiseshell scale material is rare,Crystal clear texture,Clear and beautiful pattern,Soft and bright color,Craft jewelry made with it is dazzling,Baoqi Huasheng,Noble and elegant。
In the eyes of the oriental,The tortoiseshell has been auspicious and longevity since ancient times、Symbol of warding off evil spirits,Won the royal family、Loved by the rich and even the general public。
such as,Empress Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty once used tortoiseshell bracelets and earrings;People in Song Dynasty loved tortoiseshell even more,Once imitated the pattern and color of tortoiseshell,Burn out**Real tortoiseshell black glazed porcelain;Ming and Qing Dynasty,The use of tortoiseshell products seems to be more common。Up to the jewelry worn by the imperial concubine in the palace,Down to the literati’s study, Wenwan, etc.。
in fact,Not just in China,in the West,Tortoiseshell also has a wide history of use。
Tortoiseshell was used by ancient Greece and Romans to make combs、Jewelry such as brushes and rings,Ancient Egypt、Ancient Greeks and Romans would inlay tortoiseshells on furniture。Many exquisite tortoiseshell artifacts have been found in the ruins of the Han Dynasty and the ancient Egyptian tombs under the rule of the Nubians.。
Hu Yang told them,Tortoiseshells are generally brown,There are also completely golden,More precious,And the scarce ones,It must be the most precious。
Some people say that golden armor is better than half blood,That’s all hype。Except the blood that was knocked out,Normally, how could old turtles be cheaper than new ones!

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