The procedures and insurance are behind,Research it yourself,I have never driven a motorcycle for so many years,I’m really not used to it。

“what?”Qin Feng didn’t expect Huang Junjie to give such a gift,If he didn’t know that this guy doesn’t like men,He thought he was captivated by each other。
Bring things every other way,This really is……
Qin Feng doesn’t like to accept people’s things for no reason,Even mutual benefit,He is not so willing。
It’s just that Jiang Yan next to him is embarrassed.:“Huang Ge,This thing is expensive?You better take it back,The motorcycle we used before is fine。”
“Got it,Remember to bring me when you get rich in the future,Do not talk nonsense,So inked,What kind of favor is a man afraid of??If you have the ability to repay in the future,,Besides, I’m not a favor,Things for two people are also very simple。”
Huang Junjie doesn’t have so much thought to say that,So he turned off the motorcycle directly,Then he pulled out the car key and threw it to Qin Feng。
Qin Feng instinctively caught this thing,He also understands Huang Junjie’s mind。
In this case,He also doesn’t want to talk so much nonsense,He looked at Huang Junjie and said:“I won this thing,To
Good things after,I’ll send it to you。”
Huang Junjie looked at Qin Feng and said,He knows that Qin Feng has many people asking for trouble recently,So everything is foolproof。
“Ok,Thanks a lot。”Qin Feng smiled and accepted,I already took so much anyway,Don’t mind some other things。

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