Bai Lu’s mother doesn’t seem to remember Xiang Chen anymore,When staggered,Maybe just curious about Xiang Chen’s clothes,And no other ideas,I didn’t even take a look back。

“I still have some money here,Although not much,But it should be enough for your books,Don’t steal other people’s things in the future!”
Send elegance to the door of the shanty town,Xiang Chen gave all the cash in his pocket to Gao Ya。
No need to ask or guess,With elegant caution,She would never take Xiang Chen to her home,about this point,Xiang Chen is self-aware,So I won’t ask。
“If there are any difficulties in the future,You can find me at the inn anytime,If i’m not here,Just tell people where,You are looking for Xiang Chen,They will help you。”
Squat down,Xiang Chen patiently comforts elegance,After all, there are too few situations where you just pass by yourself like today,And he’s not a superman,Every time you need it,I can show up on time。
“Do you even want to despise me?”
Look at Xiang Chen elegantly,Strong tone,But his eyes are a bit wronged。
The elegant eyes make Xiang Chen choked,After a while,Just said。
“I don’t dislike you,But it’s wrong to steal,Even if you pay it back later,This is also wrong。”
Xiang Chen patiently,The same reason before,Xiang Chen told others with his fist。
“Do you want to sit at my house?”
Unparalleled elegance took the initiative to invite Xiang Chen,The flattered Xiang Chen was taken aback first,Then I found the clues very quickly。
Seen from the elegant clothes,This girl shouldn’t go to class for a long time,Back home this time,If it wasn’t for Gao Lan not at home,,Then you must want to use yourself as a shield。
Silent for a while,Xiang Chen wants to tell Gao Ya,I’m going to see my daughter’s performance,If Gao Ya can invite herself next time,Then I will be very happy,It’s just that there is really no time today。But in this case,Xiang Chen reached his lips but couldn’t say anything。
Sighed softly,Xiang Chen followed Gao Ya into the shanty town。
If the shantytown is the most barren place in Wanghai,The location of such an elegant home,Is the shanty town in the shanty town。Go upstairs sideways and elegantly,I suddenly heard something smashing,The elegance walked in front of Xiang Chen was taken aback,Then the whole person froze in place。

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