therefore,Sedum feels that he can’t completely rely on points,His eyes should be on other worlds,Maybe when he will get some world origin,Then you can advance to level 5。

Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Six Angry friends
As for how to get those world origins,Sedum is looking forward to it,As long as you encounter some enemies who are overwhelming,He can naturally ask for the origin of the world。
“Fourth order?It’s still early,No hurry,Practice,Don’t be too far,Be steady,In order to raise the strength to the peak of the realm。”
After Nezha heard what his friend Jingtian said,,Leaning on the chair,Said with emotion,He also wants to advance to Tier 4 sooner,However, the body cannot withstand the power of Tier 4,Otherwise he would already be Tier 4。
“The outside world is really strong,I don’t know if I can master such a powerful force one day。”
After Magic Sword closed the chat group panel,Recalling the huge palm and lotus phantom that I saw in the live broadcast just now,With emotion,The strength of Tier 6,Already so powerful。
Magic Sword really can’t imagine,If the leader of the unfathomable strength has come to hand,What a earth-shattering scene,Will the whole world be destroyed by the aftermath of the master of the group??
This is the vast universe,This is the real strong,Demon Sword feels that at this moment she has the motivation to continue practicing,One day sooner or later,She also wants to experience the feeling of a sword aura destroying a world。
“Big palm,There is also a big lotus,Wutian boss is amazing,And the owner of that palm is so amazing。”
Sanqi sits on a chair blankly,Whisper,The scene in the live broadcast just now terrified her completely,She never thought,The palm of a creature can be that big。
“The live broadcast is over,Crassula,Nezha group members,Three Seven Group Members,Magic Sword Group Members,I will go offline first,After all, he is following the son Fusu to fight other worlds,It’s bad to be lazy all the time。”
After Zhang Chulan closed the chat group panel in front of him,Look at the big group members who are online in the chat group hall,Said with a smile,The voice falls,Zhang Chulan went offline。

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