“it is good!”Lu Menglin replied simply。

Holding the dormitory key,Lu Menglin came to the teachers’ dormitory assigned to him,An independent single room,With kitchen and toilet,All the home appliances inside,Sparrow is small,Complete。
Early next morning,Lu Menglin’s hands are empty,Came to the classroom door of the 16th class of Wuke freshmen。
Beibu University Martial Arts Class,There are three classes,Class 11,Class 14 and Class 16,There are a total of 104 martial arts students,On average there are more than 30 students in each class。
Lu Menglin is the head teacher of the sixteenth class,At the same time, it is also responsible for the teaching of Chinese martial arts for the whole school.。
Just walked to the door of the classroom,I heard the laughter inside,What a lively scene。
Can be admitted to Beibu University,All the pride of heaven,And the children who can enter Wuke,That is the elite among the proud of heaven,Civil and military,Great future。
When Lu Menglin walked into the door of the classroom,The noise inside did not stop,The martial arts students in the class don’t seem to care who comes in。
At most, when a few girls saw Lu Menglin,Can’t help being surprised,How come this new boy looks so good,For a while, twitter is even worse。
Lu Menglin walked to the podium in front of the classroom,Pick up the chalk on the podium,Wrote a vigorous and powerful“land”word。
Maybe his behavior is too public,Maybe it’s that the word is really chic,And between the strokes there is an invisible domineering,So all the martial arts students in the class stopped moving,Staring at him intently。
“I am your head teacher,My last name is lu,You will call me Teacher Lu from now on!”Lu Menglin said in a particularly calm tone。
The voice has not fallen,All the chattering in the classroom。
“what?He is a teacher?How can there be such a young teacher?Fooled!”The boy sitting in the front row smiled with his head open。
“This kid is pretty bold,I just don’t know how strong it is!”Another boy followed along with the Dao。
“Our class teacher
Pretty handsome!really not bad!”This is what the girl said。
“Do you want to bet??Bet whether he is the teacher of our class?”There are people who fear that the world will not be chaotic,Take the opportunity to shout。

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