“not see!”Chen Geng refused without hesitation。

Buddies are holding grudges。
He clearly remembers the two SAIC employees who asked himself to send them invitations in a reasonable tone.,Not to mention he has more important things in the morning,Like being a boss,Since I have come to China,Should I go to my own car dismantling company?、Encourage morale?
Chen Gengwan refused,It’s not clear that many of the twists and turns of Mirren are of course indifferent:Of course the boss wants to see whoever he wants,I don’t want to see anyone,It’s impossible for others to succeed?
But the waiter who came to help spread the word was disappointed,Can’t help but give Chen Geng a surprised look:This Mr. Chen is very kind,No matter who you see, everyone smiles,I haven’t seen anyone he refused,Why did you reject the people from the magic city so simply this time??
Hesitated,She still persuades:“Mr,These two comrades from Modu Automobile Factory came yesterday,Afraid of delaying your rest……”
Chen Geng raised his eyebrows,Wait for this little waiter to finish talking:“You mean they are considerate of me?”
Facing Chen Geng’s rhetorical question,This little waiter didn’t know how to answer for a while,Maybe that’s what I think,But she is not stupid after all,I know it’s wrong to say this。
These two comrades from the magic capital wanted to see you,I came to the capital a few days in advance,Know you just got off the plane yesterday,Tired out、Harder,I also want to greet the leaders,I didn’t bother you,I came to see you specially today,I really consider you,Isn’t it right for you to meet??
Not to mention,I heard that these two are still leaders in the magic city,Even if you don’t mean to cooperate with them,But you will say you are not allowed to go back to Magic Capital Investment,If you offend someone in your heart,What should I do if people trouble you in the future??Don’t say whether you will promise them,At least there is nothing to lose when you meet them.?
Although this little waiter didn’t say this,But who is Mirren?As a top student of the best hotel management school in the United States,How could this little waiter’s thoughts be hidden from her?
“Miss,I think you probably made a mistake,”Mirren said to the pretty little waiter:“Maybe you think that since the people in the city are very sincere,We should give them face、Meet them,But you made a mistake,For Mr. Fernandez,I don’t know how many people want to see him every day,If every gentleman who comes with sincerity can be received by Mr. Fernandez,Then Mr. Fernandez doesn’t have to do other things every day——Mr. Fernandez,Not everyone who wants to see it。”
“Mr. Chen doesn’t see you……”
“Mr. Chen Geng did not see us?”Jiang Tao was stunned,For a while,He hurriedly asked:“Did he say why?”
“Mr. Chen said he was going to his factory to see,No time。”The pretty little waiter who helped hand over the message shook his head and said。
I’m going to visit my factory,So no time?

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