“Bi Yuntao,Good name。”A big man slapped Qin Feng’s shoulder and laughed,The other big guys also laughed so hard。

Qin Feng was secretly helpless,My name just came out like this,But he still has a pleasing smile on his face。
“Several big brothers,Brother, there is something nice here to honor you。”Speaking of the manual operation at the back but did not take it out。
A few big guys,This is the topic,Tighter,Everyone’s eyes wide open,I want to see the good things Qin Feng said
What is it。
Qin Feng looks almost the same,Smile,Then the hand was pulled out very quickly,Click on each big man,Except for the one farthest away from him, the other big guys fell softly before they could react。
The big man who hasn’t fallen yet is too far away from Qin Feng,Crowded out by the big guy in front,So Qin Feng misplaced him,A little bit wrong,A thousand miles away,The big guy hurried back。
How can Qin Feng let him run away,Hold the big man’s neck as soon as he stretches out his hand,Big guy wants to break free,Qin Feng stepped up efforts,The man’s face flushed and he was having trouble breathing,No longer have the strength to resist。
Qin Feng changed his expression,Asked coldly“A girl was tied in just now,Where is she locked up?”
The big man’s face flushed,Seeing Qin Feng say nothing,There was a look of pleading in his eyes。
Chapter six hundred and four To scent
Qin Feng looked at the big man who was about to become a pig liver face,Sneer“Don’t look at me with that look,Say it。”I said that I started working harder。
The man was so sad that he wanted to cry,I want to say,But you keep pinching me, what do I say,The big man raised his hand hard and pointed at Qin Feng’s hand。
Qin Feng only reacted now,Embarrassed smiled and said,“sorry,Overexertion。”

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