“Hi!”Qi Shan Yiyi hurriedly responded:“But the responsibility for this matter is still with me,If it weren’t for me to propose to youAMCCooperation,You don’t have to suffer such humiliation today。”

PS:Bros,Sorry,Accompany my son today,Only one more,Three more to make up tomorrow。
In addition,I wish you all brothers and sisters a happy winter solstice,Did everyone eat dumplings today??
Speaking of which,Kawakami Hiroshi secretly observed Chen Geng’s expression,After making sure that Chen Geng listened carefully to his words,Immediately continued:“of course,This is only our initial plan,If you are willing to sign a long-term cooperation agreement with us,We can determine the monthly production capacity plan as 10,000 vehicles per month。”
For a single factory,An annual production capacity reached1510,000 cars production plant,I can’t say it’s a small factory anyway。
Chen Geng rubbed his temples:thing……A bit difficult。
Why is it difficult?
Because tell the truth,AMCThe level of the engine is actually very average,It can even be said to be the bottom of the four major U.S. OEMs,in caseAMCNo ambition,It doesn’t matter if I only intend to live on this one-third acre of North America,Anyway, the higher fuel consumption is higher.,Lack of motivation?Let’s make up the displacement!
But sinceAMCTo take the path of internationalization,It is necessary to find an experienced internal combustion engine manufacturer to cooperate。The previous cooperation with Cosworth is based on this consideration,but now,The emergence of Yamaha gave Chen Geng a new idea……
Just left from Chen Geng,Qishan Yoshiichi bowed and apologized to Kawakami Hiroshi:“President,very sorry,I did not expect this result。”
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