Qiancao looked at the pomegranate strangely,The latter looked at Wang Shuai with interest and said:“I should let you please?Still not letting you invite?”

Wang Shuai asked suspiciously:“This opportunity is indeed my honor,can you give me?”
Pomegranate said with a smile:“See you are so sincere——I won’t let you invite!Although you treat me to make money for my own family。”
Wang Shuai pretends to be astonished,Then asked in surprise:“You opened this hotel?”
“Yes,So Qiancao and I often eat here。”Pomegranate smiled and asked:“Do you want to treat?”
“You are the master,How can I turn away from the guest?Thank you for the hospitality!”Wang Shuai’s original purpose was just to explain from the side——He didn’t know that Qiancao and Pomegranate were eating here,Today is pure chance。
May immediately said:“I’m not welcome,Thanks for the hospitality。”
“Thanks for the hospitality。”Xiao Xiao also politely thanked,Then he whispered to Chen Wenjin:“It’s really because of Qiancao that you didn’t help Wang Shuai?”
“Is not。”Chen Wen knew Xiao Xiao would have this question this morning,She didn’t talk much in the car just now,Full trust in performance,That’s because she won’t be jealous in front of outsiders。
Eating and chatting,Everyone knows that Pomegranate and Qiancao are best friends since the first grade of elementary school,All the way to the same school,As close as sisters。
Several hotels opened in Pomegranate’s house,There are also industries like tea restaurants,For her convenience,Opened a tea restaurant outside her school。Pomegranate complained recently that sometimes I don’t want to take a nap,It’s troublesome to come to the hotel to eat,Her mother asked people to find a suitable berth across from Pengzhong,If you find it, open a tea restaurant to facilitate the lunch,When I want to take a nap, I went to the hotel and slept,Eat at the school gate if you don’t want to take a nap。
Amei said enviously:“Envy your family for such careful care!Xiao Xiao and Wang Shuai’s family specially prepared a house near the school,Invited someone to cook again,But they still don’t bother to eat,Pomegranate opens a restaurant directly at home。I made a decision,Let my parents know how others take care of their children!”
“Must say!They don’t know,I thought it was 100 points。”Pomegranate agrees,Smiled and said:“My mother is all kind of careful and thoughtful spoiling children because of her friends,She has a lesson。”

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