“I am Wei Ying,As a comrade in arms,Please take care of me!”Sister Wei Ying also stood up and expressed。

“Good talk,We are all teammates,Rest assured!”Xin Zhao extended his little hand again and greeted Wei Ying quietly。
Then Wei Ying smiled directly,She was still a little nervous if the people on this team could get in touch,See this now,Feel um,A bit sand sculpture,But it’s funny。
“I am Promise,You can call me Master Yi!”Yi finally appeared and said,As a raging man,He is still wearing glasses at this time。
“master Yi,I have a question to ask,May involve your privacy,May I?”Xin Zhao saw Master Yi’s glasses,Have a doubt。
“Please say,As a comrade in arms,I will answer your questions!”Master Yi looks like a very good talker。
“master Yi,You are wearing glasses at this time,Is it because the glasses have any special function??For example, perspective?”A word from Xin Zhao,All girls within five meters of Master Yi,Ran away。
And a few of the team directly summoned black armor,Seems to be in a state of battle。
Black armor is the highest-tech defensive device of the Xiongbing Company today,Should be able to defend the perspective perfectly。
“Why are you innocent out of thin air,I want to fight you,duel!”
Chapter Ninety Five Daily chat of the second team of women
In the end, Master Yi’s innocence was washed away,But seeing Master Yi’s glasses,All women still take a step back,Express awe for him。
As for Xin Zhao who caused all these consequences,I got the faint look of a man again。
A little,While eating dinner,Qiangwei looked at Ge Xiaolun, who would offer Su Xiaoli again,Complexion worsens。
After washing,Several new female soldiers talking in a room。

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