For a time,Guess everything,But no one wants to believe,Zhang Zhijie and the opponent’s strength are too far apart,I was thrown out easily。

At this moment,Hu Lin is watching
understood!Wu Hao is a monster,All his men are monsters among monsters!
“He’s fine,Just passed out。No need to continue?”Long Zhanye smiled sincerely。
Tu Shanming grinned aside:“But addictive!Dragon boss,When did you become so gentle?He is not a pretty girl,Need to be so careful?”
“you shut up!Otherwise, come down and fight me!”Long Zhanye gave him a blank look,Smiled。
“come!Hit just hit!I can’t beat you,You can do three to five hundred tricks anyway.!Ugh,Some people just can’t figure it out,I don’t even know how many catties I am,Dare to end,Killing me!”Tu Shanming laughed,Word by word。
At night, Korean soldiers heard the conversation between the two,All very angry,But no one dares to act rashly。
To know,Zhang Zhijie is the best in the army,And was thrown out,Just calm down and think about it,I know that the black-faced brawny man is really capable,The chance of luck in this kind of thing is too small。
Zhang Zhijie cannot,Switch to another player,It’s probably the same。
At night when the Korean soldiers felt very shameless,Fu Yunfei’s gloomy face,Get up slowly。
In this time together,The basalt armor on his body has been charged,All joint positions are lit up with white dots,Show that the exoskeleton body has been equipped,Ready to fight。
“I’ll fight you in a full armor fight!No matter what equipment you use!do you dare?”When Fu Yunfei was talking,A big gun has been pulled out from the back,That is the latest model of electromagnetic sniper rifle that is still being tested by the Korean Research Institute,Meteor,Very high precision,Willy,It can be called a harvesting weapon on the battlefield。
Long Zhanye frowned,Lightly:“Doesn’t matter。”
The voice has not fallen,Two white air currents are ejected from the external device on Fu Yunfei’s calf,Generate a powerful boost,I was a hundred meters away in a flash。
Followed by,Fu Yunfei’s movements are done in one go,Set up an electromagnetic sniper rifle,Muzzle raised slightly,The built-in auxiliary aiming function of the armor is activated,Locked the front sight firmly on Long Zhanye’s chest。
As long as he pulls the trigger,This powerful electromagnetic burst bomb,Will penetrate each other’s body,Kill it。
This is called“meteor”Electromagnetic sniper rifle,Bullets can penetrate the armor of battleships,It’s a terrifying effect that hits people directly,Even the most advanced horned dragon armor is worn on the body,This shot will also shock the internal organs。

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