Although it has not officially signed a contract with Honda,But whether it’s Fernandez or Honda Motor Co., Ltd. knows,The cooperation this time is already established,To celebrate,Also to reward the employees for their hard work during this time,Chen Geng rewarded his employees in a very simple and rude way:give out bonus!

During all this time, we directly and indirectly participated in the cooperation with Toei Honda Technology Co., Ltd.、Employees in the negotiation project of China Modu Automobile Manufacturing Plant,Got a huge bonus——basically,The amount of this bonus is roughly equivalent to their salary of one to three months。
American employees don’t talk about feelings with their boss,Only talk about money,One can pay himself on time、And the boss who gives out bonuses from time to time is a good boss,Although Chen Geng is not in the U.S.,But the employees who still can’t hold back the cheers and thunderously shouted the boss long live。
Just compared to the happy Fernandez company,Chen Geng’s colleagues:United StatesAMCThe company’s life is a bit sad。
Yes,AMCthe company,American Motor Company,The last one of the four major U.S. automakers,At the same timeJEEPThe boss。
Don’t lookAMCThe company is still one of the four major U.S. auto giants,But their life is even more sad than the Chrysler company six months ago,How sad is it,One sentence can explain:apart fromJEEPThis brand is still making money,AMCAll the cars under the company are losing money。
This is terrible。
But this is not the worst,The worst is,AMCThe foundation of the company’s survival:The small car market is increasingly hit by Japanese auto brands led by Toyota and Honda,So that as of last month,AMCThe market share in the US is already insufficient3%——In Toyota Corolla and HondacivicUnder the impact of these two Japanese small cars,AMCMarket share reached a new low。
It’s just that the market share has dropped frequently,Worse,GivenAMCThe company has changed from1974Year-to-date consecutive losses,Even the bank is rightAMCThe company is out of confidence,Just a week ago,AMCMain cooperative bank:Wells Fargo clearly toldAMCthe company,Express in viewAMCThe company’s poor sales,They decided to refuseAMCCredit loan applied by the company。
This is a sum total of9000Ten thousand dollars in credit……
Make it worse!
This loan isAMCThe company originally planned to use the funds to develop new products(Although there is no use evenAMCThe company’s own shareholders have doubts),After the announcement,AMCThe company’s stock price fell in response……The drop is not big,only3%,But such a small drop is by no means the market and investors are rightAMCThe company is full of confidence,It’s really the past few yearsAMCStocks have been falling,Fall now,AMCThe stock price of has really fallen.。
“Gentlemen,”Morning meeting,AMCTim Sloan’s general manager looked tired and haggard.,I came up to tell the executives an extremely bad news:“After Wells Fargo,Mellon Bank said it would suspendAMCLoan support,And even if we don’t develop new products,I must also prepare for the next month1200Ten thousand dollars to keep the company running,Otherwise, workers who are not paid are most likely to go on strike under the organization of the union……”
Hear“strike”this phrase,The executives in the conference room all shuddered subconsciously:union,That’s a bunch of vampires,Easy strike,I want the union to agree to go back to work,That would be troublesome。
“In other words,We must be in the future30Raised in days1200Ten thousand U.S. dollars,right?”Chairman Staf said,Looks really at the company’s chief financial officer, Berkshire。
“In fact,Yes1280Ten thousand U.S. dollars。”CFO Berkshire pursed his lips and responded。
Deathly silence in the huge conference room。
no matter how1200Ten thousand dollars or1280Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Not nowAMCWhat the company can get——According to the bankAMCThe company’s attitude andAMCIn terms of sales performance,It’s not easy to borrow money from the bank。

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