Lily is a little dissatisfied with Qiao Tianyu,Hastened a wink at Junji Sato,Sato Junjixin will understand,Immediately explained with the smiling face。

“Mr. Joe,I admit that our Japanese yen is like my second child,Not very strong,Not very popular,But don’t worry,Those Japanese Yen are at most our mortgage。”
First0291chapter Another bowl of steaming dog Xiang
“Hey,See what you said,Who wants to fool?”Qiao Tianyu took the pen,Some minds are on the side“Dog house”Look inside,On the side of the transfer agreement“Tianyu”Two words。
Seeing Qiao Tianyu signing so happily“Gold Transfer Agreement”,Lily is about to jump up happily。
Legally,As long as Qiao Tianyu signs this agreement,It means that Qiao Tianyu has agreed to transfer the gold to Arrow Sakura,Lily’s mission is completed70%,
As for the rest30%,Is perfect“Chain of evidence”,To perform a press conference in front of the world。
“Oh,correct,Lily。”Qiao Tianyu’s eyes are still there“Dog house”Keep searching,Said without a word,“Don’t forget to transfer the money to the zero fund account ha。”
“Row,no problem,I will arrange the transfer now。”In order to coax Qiao Tianyu into performing the rest of the press conference scene,Lily continued patiently and said with a smiley face。
“Tianyu,Time is almost up,We should go to the press conference,The major media are waiting there。”
But just when Lily’s voice just fell,Suddenly heard“flutter”A loud noise,The German black back who was barking at the far left suddenly let out a loud fart,Shocked everyone present。
And accompanied by that loud fart,By the way, there is a light green loose stool that is steaming,It shoots out at high speed like a bullet just out of the chamber,It sprayed three or four meters away!

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