“In heaven,Your blood flowed into a river again,These sins,Can you really ignore it?You along the way,How many people died tragically,Even if there are other calculations,Still save you,Suppress you in this ancient well。”

“in my opinion,What the Tathagata did is correct,This is the way of causality,In the old days you killed creatures,Today you pay with your life,Isn’t this a causal cycle?”
“Even if I am the kind thought in your heart,It won’t help the abuser,Monkey King,let it go,Fall here with me。”
The heart demon looked at the unwilling Monkey King before him,Said in a leisurely tone,He knew he had failed,Under the gaze of the big members of the chat group,He can’t kill Monkey King at all,It’s a pity that those who died in vain。
“Those creatures want to kill me,Why can’t i kill them?Those fairy gods treat me and other monsters like ants,I just want them to see how powerful my demon king, Monkey King, is。”
“As for those monsters, they died,What does it have to do with me?They want to compete with me for the title of King of the Demon King,Isn’t it true among monsters??The weak and the strong,Respect the strong,You can’t blame me if you die,I can only blame them for trying their own way。”
After Sun Wukong heard the words of the demon in front of him,Several cracks suddenly appeared on the body,Asked with a smile。
“Is this the memory starting to wake up??Monkey King group members,I’ll leave first,This is your own business,There’s nothing I can do,Come on。”
Nezha looked at the Monkey King who looked like a demon in front of him,Keenly noticed the cracks in Monkey King,Wake up instantly,The Monkey King he used to know is slowly waking up。
After Nezha realized this,,Where dare to stay here,Looking at the Monkey King and the Demon in front of you,Nezha solemnly said,The voice falls,Nezha directly close the live broadcast,Return of mind。
He dare not stay here,After Monkey King wakes up completely,He will definitely be taught by Monkey King,therefore,He might as well leave early。
“I am Shannian,You are evil,Since there are no other creatures here today,Then I’ll wait for a decent battle,Been suppressed by you for so many years,Witnessed you commit a heinous crime,This is my sin。”
“I am bound to leave you here today。”
The demon watched Nezha leave,Said quietly,Finally no other creatures intervene in the grudge between him and evil thoughts,Let him fight to the death,The heart demon voice falls,Endless Buddha light appears。
“What kind,What evil thought,All falsehoods,I am who I am,Monkey King。”

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