“I said there was no trafficking。”Qin Feng said very upset,Liu Shiwen just got out of the car,So he said hurriedly:“Explain to this lady quickly。”

Liu Shiwen is very embarrassed,This is the car I want to get in,But it hurts you,I didn’t make it clear just now,There seems to be an oolong now,So he hurriedly explained to his aunt:“Aunt,this is a……”
“You don’t need to explain。”Liu Manli interrupted Liu Shiwen directly,Then said:“You come here quickly,Aunt is here now,He dare not bully you,rest assured,Auntie must get you justice。”
“This person dares to abduct you,Humph,I only bought this money,This is the little princess who looks down on our Liu family!Xiao Li,Give me up。”
A tiger-backed bear demon standing next to Liu Manli,A blue dragon tattooed on the left arm,Said the big guy with a tiger tattoo on his right arm:“Sister Liu, don’t worry,This little thing,Leave it to us。”
Although I saw a dozen people in black on the ground,But obviously it was ignored,Such a weak person,I don’t even bother to do it。
“Aaron,Take out the guy,As long as it doesn’t kill anyone。”Xiao Li directly greeted the group of boys around him。
One of them has his hair dyed like a rainbow,Directly from the trunk,Take out a white sack,Then take out several one-meter machete from inside,Hand it to the people around you。
“Aunt,I。”Liu Shiwen looked anxious,These people must be his father’s men,That’s a real gangster,This is different from the group of people in black in front of me。
“Xiaowen,do not worry,Aunt will help you find face soon,Don’t be afraid,come here quickly。”
Liu Manli would not give Liu Shiwen a chance to say a word at all,Because she feels,I already know about it,All that is left is to trouble Qin Feng,Enough。
“what。”Liu Shiwen saw a few people with machete,come,Just scream,This is a real machete,Not making a movie!
Even though I know my father is a gang,But I really saw this scene,Very scared in my heart,The brain just loses thinking。
“Protect lady,That man,Scrap it for me,Dare to kidnap our lady,This one is not knowing good or bad。”Xiao Li knows that now is a good opportunity to claim credit,You have to say good things。
“Humph。”Along took the lead to cut Qin Feng with the knife,It’s not at all

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