“What industry does this gentleman work in??”

I’m about to talk,Chen Ning snatched the conversation。
“Brother Hui is an ordinary person,But I just like his ordinary,And we had a wonderful night,He is the man I dream of。”
Chen Ning leaned into my arms,Hug my waist hard。
to be frank,I can’t control my dreams now。
“Unexpected,You would actually like an ordinary person。”
Paul smiled and said:“To celebrate you can find a boyfriend,Let’s have lunch together。”
I am not interested in this,But Chen Ning agreed。
I suddenly found,Although this little girl is very pretty,But it’s also a troublemaker。
At most be a lover,It must be unreliable to let her be a wife。
In Chen Ning’s luxury car,She let the driver drive。
“Chen Ning,Such a thing as a shield,Sooner or later。”
I’m very serious,If you don’t like it, then explicitly refuse,No need to get a shield。
“That was my first kiss。”

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