“what?”Old Chen hasn’t reacted yet。

Hua Zi pointed to the shared bicycle he just scanned and unlocked:“Chen Ge,You won’t just step on this stuff?”
Old Chen reacted,Smile immediately:“No!The car is outside,Come today,I found no parking spaces around,Had to park the car in the parking lot of the nearby shopping mall,Then step on a bicycle and come over。Wait for me,I’ll drive over,Then everyone went to eat together,I treat。”
Everyone knows,He is a rich man,So I didn’t compete with him for a treat。
Even the lady boss Fei is the same,At first glance, this kid is a rich second generation,No need to be polite with him,Although everyone is local。
Thinking that Hu Yang will leave the city soon,She is still a little bit reluctant,Although it’s only a day or two,But Hu Yang was called by her sister one by one,And sincerely regard Populus as his younger brother。
“Where to go next?”She couldn’t help asking。
“Hangzhou Bar!Just ride in Old Chen’s car,Sister, do you have time to play together??”
Sister Fei thought for a while,Impulsive,But after thinking about it for a while,Still shaking his head:“Recently,Something at home,So can’t go away。”
Populus does not insist,It’s just to ask politely,So he nodded after listening:“that’s OK,Go to Yangcheng in the future。”
In a while,Old Chen drove over to meet Hu Yang and the others,Everyone just discovered,This car is still a limited edition car。
“This is normal!”
“Tut!This car,Not one thousand or several million,I can’t get it, right??”
“Wenzhou boss is different。”
At this moment,Everyone started arguing again,Where are there many rich people。To this,Hu Yang does not express any personal opinions,Can only say where the economy is developed,Not necessarily rich。
See everyone’s ridicule in the live broadcast room,Old Chen smiled bitterly:“Now the real economy is a bit declining,Our factory is not so easy to do。”
He said ten years ago,My father’s generation,That’s gold everywhere,As long as you dare to produce,Basically no worries about sales。His company is better,Specialized in foreign trade production,There are foreign orders。

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