Qiangwei is a little silent,She really didn’t expect,The one who knows herself best in this team is not Lena,Not Qilin,It’s not the licking dog Ge Xiaolun,But Xin Zhao, a bitch。

“rose,You are dead now, right!”Xin Zhao looked at Qiangwei’s attractive figure,Rubbed hands。
“what are you doing!”Rose embraces her arms,Step back。
And Xin Zhao saw her like this,I just dropped my hand“That one,I mean,Can you tell me the number of your team?”
“Can’t,I’m already dead!”Finished,Rose simply lay directly on the ground,I just don’t want to pay attention to Xin Zhao。
Watching Qiangwei lying down,Xin Zhao felt helpless。
This is my teammate,If the enemy is so pretty,Then let them taste Zhao(Interrogator)letter,Take good care of(Tortured)they,Hehehe。
Qiangwei convulses with Xin Zhao from time to time,Got used to it。
For her,If someday Xin Zhao is not so nonsense,Then she must suspect that Xin Zhao is no longer Xin Zhao。
Qilin who has been waiting for Qiangwei’s reply,After waiting for about fifty seconds,Directly changed the dark communication channel。
Qilin:“Cute,Qiangwei is dead,If I hear from her again,Do not believe!”
Rui Mengmeng:“I believe sister Qilin!”
Qilin:“Cute,You are behind me,Pay attention to the situation when I reach for one hundred and eighty degrees,I pay attention to the front,As long as we can hold on here,Not lose,Even win!”
Rui Mengmeng:“it is good,I know!”

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