“no problem!”The classmates replied sparsely。

Everyone is a freshman,Not familiar with each other yet,For the establishment of class committees,Basically let the counselor arrange。
“Since everyone is not familiar with each other,Then I will base on your college entrance examination scores,Assigned,If there are people who do not want to be a cadre,Can be brought up in person。”Brother Liu put his hands on the podium,Lean forward slightly,Said with a smile。
He knew that even as a temporary class committee member,As long as it is a smart student,Won’t let it go easily,Who said that after the military training is over,Will he become an official class member??
Served as a class leader in the university,There are many priority access opportunities,Graduated in the future will also be an important note on your resume,Unless you have a particularly handicapped personality,general
Students will be willing to take on。
“Since no one opposes,Then I will start with the classmate with the highest score in our class。”Brother Liu was talking,While pulling out a form from the podium。
“Liu Taosheng,Is Liu Taosheng here??”Counselor Liu Ge laughed。
Liu Taosheng heard the call,Stood up immediately,I looked at my classmates with embarrassment,Face reddish,Seems a little at a loss。
“Liu Taosheng’s college entrance examination results are the first in our class,As for the score, I won’t announce it here。Student Liu,Would you be the monitor of our class?”Brother Liu said with a smile。
Liu Tao shook his throat twice,Seems to be swallowing,He nodded vigorously first,Then shook his head again。
This nodded and shook his head,What exactly does that mean?The counselor Liu Ge saw this scene in his eyes,Already have a preliminary view of him。
This is a child from the countryside,It should be the kind who can only read,So on this occasion,He is obviously a little timid。
The classmates stared at Liu Taosheng curiously,Twitter。
They can easily tell that Liu Taosheng’s clothes are simple,It’s from a small place at a glance。
“Liu Taosheng,Would you like to be the monitor?of course,This is only a temporary position,We will re-elect after the military training。”Liu Ge smiled。
Liu Taosheng’s face is a little flustered,Because he has heard the whispered comments from classmates,Even the familiar sneer。

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