Listen to him,Actually others are quite angry,But when I saw Yamucha and Agai standing by Qin Feng,These shareholders dare not really get started。

Because they know they really can’t fight!
“Done yet?Can let our family。”
Most people signed a contract,There is only one stubborn old man。
“Humph,My family ignored me long ago,They only care about my money,I will not sign,What can you do?Killed my family!”
I heard this sound suddenly,Qin Feng also looked at it unexpectedly。
Before Qin Feng finished speaking,Other people started to persuade。
“Mr. Yu, don’t be like this!Our family is in this guy’s hands。Even if you don’t care about your family, you can’t ignore our family’s safety。Please do it!”
“Yeah, Mr. Yu,Even if there is no wood to burn?”
In fact, more people want to tell Yu Lao,This is to admit defeat first,When their relatives are released, they will definitely get the place back。
After all, what about a foreign team??Anyone who can be a shareholder in Dynasty Group has no personal connections other than Xiao Zhu?
In the capital,This kid who dares to move their relatives will never go out alive。
Provided that,They can leave this room safely。And to ensure the safety of my family。
“I won’t sign,what happened!Even if I stand in front of me today, I will not compromise!”Old Yu is quite tough。Not willing to compromise!

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