Besides!His wife Lin Yoona will also be involved in some time,Participate in the design of the teaching building then。

and also,If you can,You can also build a library in the school,These are all for them to consider slowly。
He has to figure out everything,Then we can implement it well。
It’s almost noon after the meeting。Xiao Fan has a meeting with the company’s senior management in the afternoon,Then there is nothing else today。
He went to the staff canteen for dinner at noon,He rarely comes to the staff canteen,Only occasionally come to inspect how satisfied people are with the food served in the cafeteria
So I will come once in a while,It’s just an ordinary inspection like today。
As soon as he came to the cafeteria,Many female employees opened their eyes all at once。
Xiao Fan’s looks are not inferior to some popular custard nipples in the contemporary era,He wants more masculinity。
Not to lose to those handsome male stars。His looks are among the best in the country。
So it’s normal to have some fans in the company,But Xiao Fan is a man with a wife,He knows this naturally。
I have a bad idea for some female employees,He just killed him in the cradle。
No one has ever dared to do something that shouldn’t be done in front of him,Those female employees can only think about it,I can only take a look at it secretly。
So when Xiao Fan walked into the staff canteen,Many female employees can hardly hold chopsticks,Staring straight at Xiao Fan dumbfounded。

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