“This figure,I am greedy。”

Hu Yang smiled:“in fact,Nothing good。Old people don’t like being too noisy,So no big deal this time,Just invite some closer,Have a meal together like this。
How about this!Today I will use my mobile phone to broadcast live,But how long,I can’t say。After all, this is the old man’s birthday banquet,I will live broadcast to everyone alone,Feeling not sincere,not so good,Hope everyone understands。”
Everyone nodded quickly,Can do this,Already respects their audience fans。
Change to someone else,What about you!I want to broadcast live,You want to see it,Get out without looking,Anyway, I don’t lack your gift。
but,Brother Hu has been broadcasting for so long,Never did this,Whether it’s to viewers who have brushed gifts or not,It’s the attitude of this gentleman,Very comfortable。
“Hu Ge,Leave us alone,Live broadcast anytime soon,Everyone understands。”
“Just,Everyone is celebrating birthday,Brother Hu just watched the live broadcast,I certainly don’t respect him enough,That’s really bad,Want me to say,Don’t live broadcast at all。”
“Can broadcast the first half,For example, let everyone take a look at the scene,Everyone curious,In fact, it’s just a scene。”
After wearing,Bring that work,Hu Yang drove his sports car out without sorrow,Or the off-road vehicle。
Everyone watched,Can’t help but sigh,Some really rich people are really low-key,Like brother Hu,Like the flip flop brother at the previous auction。
Flip flops brother,Already popular network。but,Videos about people,It’s only the live broadcast of Brother Hu,No follow-up。
visible,People don’t want to be famous。Unlike some people,If the whole network is popular,Stand up on your own long ago。After all, there are not many opportunities to be famous,This situation,It’s even more difficult。
however,They hid,No matter how the media dig,Didn’t find any information。
And like Brother Hu,Replaced by a lot of people,This time,It must be a sports car to show off!But did Brother Hu do that??No,After getting that sports car,I never saw him drive。
In the eyes of many people,That is simply a violent thing,What a pity。Such a good sports car,I can only stay in the garage to accumulate dust。
The He family lived in the former Dongshan District,There are many Western-style villas here。There was a saying in Yangcheng before:Master Dongshan,Miss Xiguan!
Old time,Dongshan has always been the residence of powerful people in Yangcheng,Most of the officials going in and out of Dongshan;Xiguan is the first in fashion,Is a bustling commercial district in Guangzhou since ancient times,Most of the ladies who came from the homes of wealthy merchants live there,Hua Fei Di Wu,Swagger。

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