The old fox looked like he was crazy,A few men rushed up,Hurriedly put things in his arms,Get down,Curled up on the ground,Cover tightly,This is his last hope,He will never let go。

A group of people watched the old fox rather than die,Also angry。
I started punching and kicking at the old fox,Still cursing viciously,“You immortal,Squeezing us every day,Let us work for you and do bad things for you,Ruined our virtue。”
“Let us become this kind of people and ghosts,But you yourself are delicious and spicy every day,And trampled us under our feet,You scumbag,You are the lowest and most disgusting citizen!”
“Yes,You are the dregs of society,How much have you done,And we just plant something for you,But you have made all these things harming people’s lives,So many people are ruined,Wife ion powder。”
“We are all ruined by you all,it’s all because of you,Because of you rubbish!”
“Correct,Obviously a kid,Why come to our tribe?Why trample on our dignity?Why do we harm our people?You disgusting thing!I beat you to death,I beat you to death……”
These men are like crazy,Hit the old fox,They have been blinded by anger and hatred,There is only endless hatred for the old fox。
Besides, they are already sick,Hallucinations,Body is out of control,I just knew I was desperately trying to kill the man below。
The old fox can’t help it,He is now fighting Qin Feng desperately,I was shaken by Qin Feng。
Now he has no power to refute,I can only protect my hands tightly, like the last life-saving elixir。
“I won’t die,I won’t die,I have this thing i can save,I’m still saved,I will be fine,Will kill Qin Feng,Drag him to hell with me,Go to hell together!”
The old fox yelled intermittently and madly。
But because of the sound of punching and kicking,Those men of theirs couldn’t understand what the old fox was talking about,I thought he was scolding them,So I started even harder,Zhaozhao kicked his heart。
And the old fox slowly lost his strength,Only the last trace of strength,Holding the box in his arms。

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