Especially financial rights!

According to the previous regulations,Differences in wages are not allowed within joint ventures,That is to be in accordance with the current domestic wage system,Based on the principle of equal pay for equal work,The wages of all employees are equal、According to salary grade。
Of course Chen Geng can’t accept this。
But it’s fine now,Co-built with Huaqing University“Automotive Technology Laboratory”after that,The situation is different,Since it is a laboratory,In addition to the basic salary,And various allowances、subsidy,Although it is clearly required that Chen Geng shall not implement a hierarchical wage system,But the so-called“subsidy”But you can make your own decisions,This gave Chen Geng a lot of room to move:Working hard,Not only can you get an allowance equivalent to several times your salary、Subsidies and bonuses,Can get other benefits,Not working well,You just get dead pay。
As for the laboratory must establish a party branch,Because the nature is“laboratory”,So the party branch secretary is the party branch secretary,Won’t interfere“laboratory”Normal operation,In other words,Huaqing University has retained the financial、Beyond the supervision of personnel,Correct“laboratory”Basically do not interfere in the operation,Just wait for the dividend at the end——Don’t talk about China in this era,Even if you look at the world,Huaqing University is also the best partner。
“Ha ha……”
Humility for Chen Geng,Professor Song is very happy,Because of academic exchanges,Professor Song has often dealt with foreign experts and scholars,But foreign experts and scholars、Even experts and scholars from Big Brother’s family,When communicating with our Chinese colleagues, all of them have eyes on the top of their heads.,Just look down on us,But Chen Geng is different,There is no trace of foreign arrogance in him,This makes Professor Song feel very comfortable,Unconsciously, I recognize him a little bit more。
After some greetings,Chen Geng couldn’t help it anymore,Ask Song Jingying:“Professor Song,I’m curious,Why did you suddenly arrive at the Friendship Hotel that day?”
These few days,This question has been lingering in Chen Geng’s mind,He really can’t understand,President of Huaqing University、How did the professors show up at that time,How would you give such a perfect solution??
“I knew you would ask this。”Chen Geng’s words are out,Professor Song was happy right away,I clicked Chen Geng twice:“do you know?Before you came to China,Huaqing University has noticed you。”
Chen Geng looked dumbfounded:What do you mean?You have been planning for a long time together?
Professor Song Jingying didn’t sell Guanzi:“You donate to the country every month5000USD,Let the country buy some periodicals、newspaper、magazine……You do not know,These latest newspapers、Magazines and periodicals,How important to us。”
This is praised?
Chen Geng is a bit shy:“You are too kind,I didn’t do anything……”

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