After all, it’s easy to win one-on-one,It’s hard to divide life and death。Unless it’s two people who are dead enemies。Red eyes,This is the case for members who start fighting regardless of their lives.。

At this time, Cen Wen is much more relaxed,“Chen Feng,Brooke,Come and help!”
Shout so,Several prefectural-level members in the yard also reacted。They are different from the sky level,May not even be able to keep up with the speed of the gods,So even if you watch this kind of battle, they don’t have a deep understanding。After all, there is still“Heavenly”This mountain is blocking。Want to look directly“God level”The scenery is not so easy。
“Bastard,Forget it。You land-level pawns also want to deal with me?”Valverde himself is grumpy。He became more angry when he saw injured local players trying to besiege him。
However, the ground-level powerhouse who rushed over was killed directly.。This person is another prefecture-level brother of Cen Wen,Cen Wen felt a heartache when seeing that Brooke was the only member of the prefecture level.。of course,Chen Feng is not his little brother,He treats Chen Feng as his ally。
But when Valverde slayed the member,Yinsang seized the opportunity to leave a heavy scar behind him。
“hateful!”Valverde turned around with a knife,But Yinsang avoided it。
And because there is an example in front of you,So Chen Feng, Wang Dao and others dare not come forward。Because they are afraid that the other party will fight to kill them again。
have to say,Valverde’s strategy is positive
True。At least these land-level powerhouses are all suppressed。
See this scene,Cen Wen and Qin Feng can’t help it。Knowing this continues, I can only continue to fight alone。Unless you have heavenly combat power,Otherwise participating in the battle can only be killed。
Seeing that the desire to end the battle as soon as possible cannot be realized,Qin Feng sighed and wanted to see the final result。But he didn’t expect,Granny Esqui, who had not been moving before, actually looked at him。
Exactly,The other person’s eyes were staring at him, Qin Feng。
“What to see,Come and chop me!”Qin Fengzui,Can’t help but say such a sentence。
Originally, he thought this mother-in-law should be watching the battle between her husband and Jiang Min,But Qin Feng never expected,The mother-in-law actually said,“as you wish!”
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Chapter 391 Jiang Min ran away

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