First164chapter Facade of the American Chinese
“Lao Zhang,The banquet is about to start soon,Why the kid surnamed Chen hasn’t come yet,Didn’t he intentionally let us old guys wait here??”
Although there is still more than half an hour before the banquet,But for Chen Geng who hasn’t arrived yet,There are already some chambers of commerce“Old man”Express dissatisfaction clearly。
“Yes yes,”The voice of the one who expressed dissatisfaction fell off,Someone immediately followed him:“Lao Zhang,I’m not talking about you,You are too shameful for the kid surnamed Chen,How big is his business?Big business,That’s our junior,We have to behave well in front of us,Also have to abide by the regulations of our chamber of commerce,It turned out well,A group of old guys of us are standing at the door waiting for him,You won’t be laughed out of it?”
The children nowadays are far worse than us,All of them were damaged by the old beauty,Good point not learned,Jing learned some messy things,How do you look like our generation?What parents say,Never refuted,Kids now,Not easy to manage……”
As soon as this one speaks,Immediately attracted a wave of echoes,They all expressed how their children have learnt from the Americans,How to make yourself troublesome……
Zhang Zongping coped with a smile,He doesn’t understand what these old guys are thinking:It’s nothing more than feeling that I have high morals,Is Chen Geng’s senior、Old man,According to the rules, it should be Chen Geng that kid obediently came to visit him。
But the result?
Very face-slapped。
It’s been almost a year since Chen Geng joined the North American Chinese Chamber of Commerce,Don’t talk about taking the initiative to visit the Chamber of Commerce according to the rules“Gangster”,I haven’t even participated in the Chamber of Commerce activities a few times!
This is obviously not to respect these one by one、Generational respect、The most important thing is that the old guys who look at their faces are bigger than the sky.!
The old guys are so angry。
Angry,It’s normal to say a few strange things at this moment。
“dad,Look at the two cars coming,Could it be Chen Geng’s?”Zhang Zilu holding Zhang Zongping’s arm,Suddenly said。
Zhang Zongping looked in the direction of his daughter’s finger,Sure enough, two Cadillac cars are slowly leaning to the side of the road tens of meters ahead,After the car has stopped,First, a few people were wearing black suits、The agile bodyguard quickly got off the car,Followed by a professional wearingOLBlonde girl in dress,Finally got off the car,Is wearing a tailored suit that fits perfectly……Chen Geng。

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