“What do you want to do!”Tan Zetao roars。

What Qin Feng is doing now,Is equivalent to stealing the fruits of victory。He doesn’t allow anyone to do this,he is very angry。But besides roar,I can’t seem to do other things。
the most important is,The fighting outside is still fierce。But they can’t go out for help。
“Robbery,Qiu Ze gave me 220 million,Tan Zetao, you give me 500 million。Come over,I’ll leave after the transfer is complete。otherwise,Hehe,Do you think if I hit you two,Will anyone else care??”
At this moment Qin Feng has ignored the rest。Although the big gangsters may not be too poor,But at most you can get tens of millions from them。But once you do,Is likely to lead to a cross-city war。
Will beACity has a big impact。
So this can’t be done!
As for Tan Zetao?He wouldn’t let it go even if he didn’t rob him。So it’s better to cut the meat from him first。As for Qiu Ze,That’s incidental。
“Give money,Otherwise chop you!”
Qin Feng picked up the gun on the ground,This pistol was taken out by Tan Zetao just now,Just after being hit by a flying knife,The pistol fell to the ground。
Seeing the gun in Qin Feng’s hand,Qiu Ze swallowed。
Qiu Ze doesn’t understand Qin Feng,But when I think of this guy, even Tan Zetao is not afraid,Would you still be afraid of him Qiu Ze?So he is very interesting,Speak directly,“Account number。”
See Qiu Ze transfer,Tan Zetao was so angry that he wanted to strangle this bastard。To know,These family funds are all made by Tan Zetao and others.。But as soon as he turned his head, he was searched by that bastard Qin Feng,he is very angry!
“Qin Feng,Do you really want to be my enemy?My grandpa is a deputy national cadre!Can you bear this kind of revenge??”
But Tan Zetao’s words have just finished,Qin Feng took out his phone。
“I recorded it,The threat you just made, if I publish it online,Your Tan family will be very troublesome!”
Tan Zetao was vomiting blood。

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