Ten minutes elapsed before Parker Steel, spruce and 杭州水疗酒店 complacent, was bowing himself into his own drawing-room with the 杭州龙凤论坛lanwashe easy unction of a man sure of the distinction of his own manners. Quite twenty ladies were ready


to receive the physician’s effeminate white fingers. Mrs. Betty had gathered the carriage folk of Roxton round 杭州夜生活去哪里 her. The heat of the room seemed to have stimulated the scent of the exotic flowers. The shaded standard lamp, burning in the bay-window beside the piano, shed a brilliant light upon a pink mass of azaleas in bloom. Mrs. Betty herself was still seated upon the music-stool, one hand resting on the key-board as she chatted to Lady Sophia Gillingham, sunk deep in the luxurious cushions of a lounge-chair.

Mrs. Betty, a study in saffron, her pale face warmed by the light of the lamp, caught her husband’s eye as he moved through the crowded room. Sleek, brilliant, pleased as a cat that has been lapping cream, she made a slight gesture that 杭州夜生活哪里泡妹子 he understood, a gesture that brought him before Lady Gillingham’s chair.


“Yes, dear.”

“Will you touch the bell for me?—I want to show Mignon to Lady Sophia.”

Parker Steel’s smile congratulated 杭州夜生活好去处 his wife on her deft handling of the weapons of social diplomacy. He rang the bell, and meeting the servant at the door, desired her to bring Mrs. Betty’s blue Persian and the basket of kittens from before 杭州夜网杭州龙凤网 the library fire.

The physician took personal charge of Mignon and her children, and returning between the chairs and skirts, presented the family to Lady Sophia.

Parker Steel had an ecstatic lady at either elbow as he held the basket lined with red silk, the three mouse-colored kittens crawling about within. Mignon, the amber-eyed, had made a leap for Mrs. Betty’s lap.

“The dears!”

“How absolutely sweet!”

“Such tweety pets.”
The two elderly canaries cheeped in chorus while Lady Sophia’s fat and pudgy hand fondled the three kittens. Her red and apathetic face became more human and expressive for the moment, though there was 杭州下沙哪有不正规spaa suggestion of cupidity in her dull blue eyes.

“The dear things!” and she lifted one from the basket into her lap, where it mewed rather peevishly, and caught its claws in Lady Sophia’s lace.

“Mignon is a 杭州桑拿全套信息披露 prize beauty,” and Mrs. Betty caressed the cat, and looked up significantly into her husband’s face.

“Perfectly lovely. There, there, pet, what a fuss to make!” and the dowager’s red-knuckled hand contrasted with the kitten’s slate-gray coat. “I suppose they are all promised, Mrs. Steel?”

“Well, to tell the truth, they have created quite a rage among my friends.”

“No doubt, the dears. You could ask quite a fancy price for such prize kittens.”

Parker Steel had been prompted by an instant flash of his wife’s eyes.

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