PS. There’s one thing I’m perfectly sure of I’m not a Chinaman.

4th February
Dear Daddy-Long-Legs,

Jimmie McBride has sent me 杭州419百花网 a Princeton banner as big as one end
of the room; I am very grateful to him for remembering me, but I
don’t know what on earth 杭州龙凤论坛贵族宝贝 to do with it. Sallie and Julia won’t
let me hang it up; our room this year is furnished in red, and you
can imagine what an 杭州夜生活论坛网effect we’d


have if I added orange and black.
But it’s such nice, warm, thick felt, I hate to waste it.
Would it be very improper to have it made into a bath robe?
My old one shrank when it was washed.

I’ve entirely omitted of late telling you what I am learning,
but though you might not imagine it from my letters, my time is
exclusively occupied with study. It’s a very bewildering matter
to get educated in five branches at once.

`The test of true scholarship,’ says Chemistry Professor,
`is a painstaking passion for detail.’

`Be careful not to keep your eyes glued to detail,’ says 杭州丝袜保健 History
Professor. `Stand far enough away to get a perspective of the whole.’

You can see with what nicety we have to trim our 杭州有名气的足疗店 sails between
chemistry and history. I like the historical method best.
If I say that William the Conqueror came


over in 1492杭州桑拿sn会所 , and Columbus
discovered America in 1100 or 1066 or whenever it was, that’s a mere
detail that the Professor overlooks. It gives a 杭州419龙凤论坛网站资源 feeling of security
and restfulness to the history recitation, that is entirely lacking
in chemistry.

Sixth-hour bell–I must go to the laboratory and look into a little
matter of acids and salts and alkalis. I’ve burned a hole as big
as a plate in the front of my chemistry apron, with hydrochloric acid.
If the theory worked, I ought to be able to neutralize that hole
with good strong ammonia, oughtn’t I?

Examinations next week, but who’s afraid?
Yours ever,

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