In the first two months, Wuhan Industrial and Commercial Natural Gas Dosage Innovation is innovative

Energy and consumer efforts have reflected the economic vitality of the city. Since the beginning of this year, Wuhan ’s industrial and commercial natural gas has risen steadily, providing“ energy ”for the first quarter economic development of Wuhan.

On the 12th, the reporter learned from the Gas Group of Wuhan City Investment Group that the gas company affiliated to the Gas Group was informed that the amount of gas in the first two months reached 129.83 million cubic meters, an increase of 25.39 million cubic meters from the same period last year, a record high.

Among them, in February, industrial and commercial gas volume reached 65.79 million cubic meters, an increase of 29.42 million cubic meters from 36.37 million cubic meters in the same period last year, an increase of 80%. In February, the temperature in our city was low, and the civilian gas was maintained at a high level. Wuhan City Investment Group made every effort to overall gas source dispatch, and the gas supply services were sufficient and stable.

At the end of February, in the production workshop of the Geely Automobile Wuhan Manufacturing Base, the blue flames in the boiler internal ignited announced that the project ignition test was successfully completed. As a key investment project in the province, the Geely Automobile Wuhan Manufacturing Base Project settled in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone (Hannan District) at the end of 2018. It officially started construction at the end of 2019. After the project is completed, it will produce a annual output of 150,000 new energy vehicles. 3.5 million cubic meters of gas needed for annual production.

In order to promote the project as soon as possible, Han Ning natural gas under Wuhan Natural Gas Company invested in advance to complete the construction of supporting gas source pipes, and build a mid -pressure gas pipeline of about 12 kilometers along the yarn hat. Mi can not only meet the gas needs of Geely Automobile Wuhan manufacturing base, but also provide sufficient energy guarantee for other surrounding enterprises.

While doing a good job of supporting services for major projects, the company is efficient and thoughtful to do a good job in small and medium -sized industrial and commercial households to obtain gas service, accurately connect with the needs of enterprises, and do a good job of gas service service in the optimal state of "relay". From January to February this year, 38 industrial and commercial gas newspapers were accepted and 28 natural gas was opened.

Last week, a seafood buffet restaurant in Huafang, the Central Business District of Wangjiadun was opened. The person in charge of the company said that although the restaurant was still renovating, the company’s staff involved in advance and successfully opened the natural gas, reflecting the efficient business service environment of natural gas As the first restaurant invested by Fujian brand in Wuhan, the company has begun to invest in the second store.

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