Consumer Class Class "Anti -Organizational Crime Law" will implement the backing of the rule of law on May 1st

In order to remove the evil forces, do a good job of financial consumers’ security guarantee, and maintain the harmonious and stable development of society. In recent years, my country has been carrying out special actions for anti -crime and elimination. Essence

In order to further consolidate the results of anti -crime and eliminating evil, the "Anti -Organizational Crime Law of the People’s Republic of China", which was approved by the 32nd meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress, will be officially implemented from May 1 this year, and strict according to law. Fighting crimes of evil. As a financial institution with a sense of social responsibility, consumption always maintains the attitude towards the zero tolerance of the black production and continues to increase the strength of the anti -evil forces; , Avoid violations of evil forces.

It is worth mentioning that the "Anti -Organization Crime Law" released this time will combat the prototype of the underworld organization from the root. In other means, illegal and criminal activities have been implemented many times in a certain area or industry. They do evil, oppress the masses, disturb the social order and economic order, and cause a bad social impact. The special law of scanning and eliminating evil is also the real hard core of cracking down on the evil forces.

Today, the consumer class will take you to understand what are the highlights of the "Anti -Organized Crime Law": Strictly punish the crime of criminal crime in case of case handling, the "Anti -Organic Crime Law" clearly clearly explicitly organize organizations with organizational crimes. The leaders, leaders, and backbone members should strictly grasp the applicable conditions for bail pending trial, non -prosecution, and probation, and fully apply punishments such as deprivation of political rights, confiscation of property, and fines; Property can take emergency measures for emergency stop payment, temporary freezing, and temporary seizure. Regarding the identification and disposal of the property involved in the case, the "Anti -Organic Crime Law" stipulates that the case handling authority can fully investigate the organization of the organization and its members of the organization suspected of organizing crimes; It proves that the height of the property obtained during the crime may belong to the illegal income of the triad -oriented organizational crime and its interest and benefits, and if the defendant cannot explain the legal source of property, it shall be recovered and confiscated according to law.

Highlight 2: In order to ensure the violation of minors to strengthen the punishment of organizational crimes involving minors involving minors, the development of the "Anti -Organic Crime Law" is developed, and the development of minors participating in the underworld organization and overseas underworld organizations, instigating and deceiving minors Those who implement organizational crimes or organize criminal violations of the legitimate rights and interests of minors shall be investigated from criminal responsibility in accordance with the law. If a crime is crime, he is punished according to law.

In addition, the bill also requires the school to improve the responsibilities and reporting obligations of the school, and increase the relevant departments to carry out the regulations on the propaganda and education of minors to carry out criminal propaganda and education.

Highlight three: Strengthening industry supervision and strengthening industry supervision is a key measure to eliminate the breeding of the soil to breed the soil. The "Anti -Organizational Crime Law" clearly stipulates the responsibilities of the industry’s supervision. The competent authorities of market supervision, financial supervision, natural resources, transportation and other industries shall, with the public security organs, establish and improve the long -term mechanism of organizational crime prevention and governance, and related to related related governance. There are organizational crimes in the industry to monitor and analyze, and strengthen supervision and management of industry fields with organizational crimes. Since the establishment of consumption, since its establishment, it has been actively assisting the public security organs to crack down on the evil forces. At present, it has assisted in Shanxi, Hubei, Shandong, Henan, Sichuan, Zhejiang, and Hainan. Nearly 200 suspects. In the future, consumption will adhere to the normalization of fighting and eliminating evils, actively fulfill the security responsibility of being a licensed consumer finance company, give full play to its own scientific and technological capabilities to empower the industry and regulate Supervision in key areas, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers in accordance with the law, and contribute to creating a harmonious and orderly financial environment. Disclaimer: The market is risky, you need to be cautious when choosing! This article is for reference only, and does not make a basis for buying and selling. Key words:.

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