Cloud video empowerment digital upgrades, good depending on helping smart radio, television innovation and development

Without a big change, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes have developed in depth. The new crown epidemic has a wide range of influences. The world economic pattern and global governance system have profoundly changed. my country’s development is still in a period of important strategic opportunities.

During the fourteenth and fifth fifth, my country fully opened a new journey of building a modern country, and the development of radio and television and online audiovisuals ushered in a new opportunity challenge. As the management department in the field of radio and television and online audiovisuals in my country, the bureau has assumed the important task of better integration into the overall work of the party and the state work in the new stage.

The Information Center of the National Radio and Television Bureau actively promotes the communication and collaboration of units at all levels of the system. With the strong support of good vision, it has built cloud video conferences covering bureaus agencies, direct units, and local radio and television departments to allow communication and cooperation and performing duties. More smooth and efficient.

The Bureau’s Work Promotion Association Cloud Video Conference is deployed on the existing government cloud infrastructure of the State Radio and Television Bureau, supporting various terminal access such as mobile phones, PAD, computers, and conference terminals. Name and other functions, at the same time stored localized storage to ensure data security.

Soon after the cloud video conference was launched, the State Radio, Film and Television Bureau held a symposium on the TV series "Shan Haiqing" by combining online and offline. There are main venues in Beijing, and branch venues in Fujian, Ningxia, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places access the meeting through video connection.

The main creators of "Shan Haiqing" use the cloud video conference to tell their own creative history and creative perception; industry experts revolves around the play’s creative background, theme, artistic expression, production quality, practical significance, etc. Research. While effectively avoiding personnel gathering and reducing the risk of epidemic dissemination, it has achieved smooth progress of important tasks of the bureau.

The bureau can also carry out various digital applications such as work scheduling, video conferences, review and evaluation awards, and live training through cloud video.

While effectively improving the communication experience of the conference, the normal communication between bureau organs, units directly under the units, and local radio and television departments can be achieved.

局依靠云视频会议,打造指挥调度、创作座谈、工作推进等于一体的工作机制,建成互联互通和智能协同沟通,针对重点工作召开远程工作调度会议,快速最新决策部署,及时了解一线情况,协调各Department work to ensure the steadily advancement of key tasks during the epidemic. The situation cloud video conference meets the needs of all agencies, units, and local radio and television departments at any time to hold cross -departments and cross -level video conferences to effectively improve the exchanges and cooperation efficiency of relevant parties, and achieve efficient implementation of administrative meetings and daily office meetings.

Can carry out online visual review and evaluation awards, use the sharing functions in the conference, realize real -time sharing of multimedia materials such as documents, audio and video, and conduct online voting to promote the outstanding film and television works and show creation of the people’s feelings of the people’s feelings, the appearance of the people’s feelings, and carrying the people’s feelings. Production.

Practice policy, technology, business training, policy spirit, sharing creative experience, promotion of high -tech, meet the needs of practitioners at all levels of radio and television institutions at all levels, and promote high -quality innovative development of radio and television and online audiovisual innovation.

After the deployment, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television held more than 480 video conferences, and the participants exceeded 10,000, which met the visual communication and collaboration needs of the bureau’s multiple scenarios.

Since the deployment, various video conferences and training activities have been held frequently, which has played an important driving role for the bureau’s science and technology, informatization, and intelligent construction. At the same time The successful convening provided a strong guarantee. Editor in charge: KJ005.

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