Changsha Disease Control Reminder reminds: Come and report first, come to the long -term inspection!

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily · Huasheng Online April 30th (All media reporter Li Qi) If you really need to grow long, please prepare a nucleic acid negative test report in 48 hours in advance, and be sure to do it: 1. Entry the head of the head.In the past 14 days, all the history of living in foreign provinces/provinces reports (return) personnel who have reported to the history of Dizhou City in the province. Please report to the "My Changsha" APP or "My Changsha" applet 2 days in advance for reporting.You can also choose to report to the community (village), work unit or hotel where the destination is located by telephone, commissioned relatives, friends and colleagues.Those who concealed and reported their personal itinerary and health may be held legal responsible in accordance with the law.2. In the event of the long -term inspection, all local cases (including asymptomatic infected infected) reports (returned) personnel who reported (return) to the province will be detected once within 24 hours.Test.

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