Nine schools in Jinan plan to recruit 87 teachers to inspect professional knowledge, psychology, etc.

Original title: Nine schools in Jinan plan to recruit 87 teachers to inspect professional knowledge, psychology and other content reporters from the Jinan Education Bureau that in conjunction with the needs of some schools in the bureau, the needs of the school’s work and the shortage of posts will be recruited Nine schools including Shandong Experimental Middle School, including East School, planned to recruit 87 people, including teachers such as exterior, sports, and psychology. Who can apply for the exam? Reporters who have signed a public -funded teacher and a reporter from the Education Bureau of the Jinan Municipal Education Bureau have learned that the schools such as the East School of Shandong Experimental Middle School planned to recruit 87 public -funded teachers’ graduates. Among them, Shandong Experimental Middle School East School recruited a total of 4 people, namely Chinese, English, biological, and chemical teachers. Jinan No. 1 Middle School recruited 7 people, and more than 20 people were recruited by Jinan Medical Middle School Experimental Middle School.

The reporter sorted out and found that in the posts recruited by schools in Jinan, there are not only disciplines such as disciplines such as words, but also physical education teachers and psychological teachers. Who can apply for these 87 positions? The scope of this recruitment includes the "Free Education Agreement of Teachers Students" with the Shandong Provincial Department of Education, and can obtain a 2022 graduation certificate, degree certificate and teacher qualification certificate on schedule. The level reaches the second and higher levels, and the registration majors are consistent with the major of their studies. It is worth noting that all graduates with orientation and training contracts with the unit before entering the school have the consent of the education administrative department of not directed, commissioned units, and sources where they are located and shall not register. The reporter learned that this recruitment registration adopts a unified time, online registration, and online preliminary review.

The registration time is April 28, 2022 (8: 30-12: 00 am, 13: 30-17: 00 pm). The examination will be conducted on each recruitment unit on April 29, 2022. For details and place, please refer to the examination notice issued by the recruitment unit for details. What are the contents? This test will be examined in two links, such as professional, manner, psychology, etc., and calculate the results according to the percentage system.

The test time does not exceed 15 minutes, of which the interview is 5 minutes and the test lecture is 10 minutes.

What are the interviews and trials? The reporter noticed that the interview and inspection of the skills, professional knowledge, practical experience, language expression, analysis, reaction response and other abilities of the applicants for interviews were inspected. Trial lectures to comprehensively use education, psychological knowledge, and modern education methods to achieve teaching purposes, organize curriculum implementation, master the content of curriculum, use teaching language and teaching resources Such skills. According to reports, after the examination, the total score of the exam is calculated according to the percentage of 40 % of the interview scores and the test score accounting for 60 %. In order to enter the scope of the medical examination scope. It is worth noting that the total scores of the examination and the list of medical examination personnel are announced on the website of each recruitment unit. If the total scores of the exams are the same, the exams are reorganized for those with the same grades.

(Chen Yangyang).

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