Jingdong Logistics Wanzhou Warehouse Operations 618 online shopping in Yubei will speed up

Data map. Jingdong’s supply of Jingdong Logistics operated the Chongqing "Asian No. 1" intelligent logistics park as early as 2017, with a construction area of ??nearly 200,000 square meters. It is a modern comprehensive integration of commodity storage, order processing, sorting and distribution, operation, and administrative office. Sexual logistics center, which is also one of the most automated and largest intelligent logistics parks in the Southwest.

  After the opening of Wanzhou Warehouse, we will strengthen intelligent linkage with Chongqing’s "Asia One", which will greatly enhance the coverage capacity of JD logistics in the northern part of Chongqing and reduce the logistics costs of local "agricultural products" and "Chongqing Mountain". Regional economic coordinated development and county economic transformation have carried out supply chain services for local agricultural special origin and industrial belt, forming a positive circulation for industrial transformation and consumption upgrades of the place of origin.

  According to reports, this time Wanzhou Kaipang is part of the JD Logistics "Weaving Network Project". The warehouse is the core, and a highly collaborative multi -level logistics infrastructure and warehouse matching network has been established. Not only did the trust between the industrial side and the consumer side, it helped about 90%of the JD.com self -operated online orders realized the day and the next day, as well as 93%of the districts and counties in the country, and 84%of townships. Essence

  "After the operation of Wanzhou warehouse, the new infrastructure of JD Logistics in Chongqing has also helped many local enterprises to achieve the optimization of inventory management, reduced operating costs, and efficient distribution of internal resources.

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