Market attractions and other peripheral parking can be temporarily stopped

  Tianjin North Network News: In order to ensure the convenience of travel during the Labor Day, from April 30th to May 4th, the Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau and the Municipal Urban Public Institutional Administration jointly launched convenient service measures for convenient parking during the Labor Day.

  It is understood that in order to facilitate the travel needs of citizens and meet the parking needs of holidays, on the premise of not affecting traffic safety and normal order, citizens can be temporarily Single row to park the vehicle. The above measures are temporary convenience service measures taken during the Labor Day. Citizens park their vehicles at the above location and need to be parked in order without affecting road traffic and safety. Passing, you cannot occupy the blind lanes, fire channels, fire hydrant peripherals, and bus stations, and cannot be parked within the intersection of the road. The traffic management department will assign police forces, increase inspections on the above sections, clean up vehicles that affect roads in time, and create a good traffic environment for citizens.

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