Looking at China’s "double carbon" operation from a cup of "zero carbon coffee"

Provide long dragons to provide free coffee counters for the guests of the forum annual conference. The barista uses both hands, taking beans, grinding beans, rushing, and pulling flowers.

At the 2022 annual meeting of the Boao Forum for Asia, the guests attended a cup of "zero carbon coffee" and began to confront their thoughts and brainstorms. The guest who took the coffee did not forget to ask: "Why is it called ‘zero carbon coffee’?" … "Li Changjian, a staff member at the scene, answered tirelessly." The whole process of this kind of coffee has a "carbon footprint" tracking, and the carbon emissions can be pushed to the market. "A cup of" zero carbon coffee "witnessed the" green office ".

Energy -saving and water -saving equipment from "paperless" to the venue, from the intelligent connected cars of new energy to all biodegraded packaging, from garbage classification to carbon reduction indicators visual statistics … a variety of green elements superimposed The staff seemed to be in the "big world of environmental protection." "7310kg on the day", "It is expected that the amount of carbon reduction of new energy vehicles will reach 75T during the annual meeting of the entire forum" … At about 9 am on April 22, the reporter saw at the Hainan Visualization Command Center of the Boao Asia Forum Annual Conference. A large electronic screen is very eye -catching, and data such as carbon reduction displacement that day is reflected in the screen.

The visualization command center has set up a special digital green low -carbon module. This digital module adopts a "smart energy brain" platform provided by high -tech companies to clearly reducing the green carbon reduction indicators of the conference through the digital means.

Before the annual meeting, by completing a "green power" transaction of 1 million kilowatt -hours, all venues in the Boao Forum for Asia for the first time achieved 100%environmental protection power guarantee. The relevant person in charge of the Office of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee’s Foreign Affairs Committee said that with the increasingly prominent global climate change, the Boao Forum for Asia has focused on the green development of Asia and the world.

As the site of the forum, Hainan vigorously promoted the "Green Office".

As the national ecological civilization pilot zone, Hainan has actively explored the road of green and low -carbon development in recent years. The "Green Office" is the epitome of its development results. Building roofs full of photovoltaic boards, window glass "sun -sun" power generation, integrated system collection system collection and flowering flowers … The construction site of the Haikou Jiangdong New District, which is lined with the tower, has been "launched" in a number of high -tech environmental protection facilities.

"The green low -carbon concept guidance park is developed and constructed. When the land is listed auction, we use carbon emissions as a hard leverage. After the enterprise is delisted, it needs to sign a gambling agreement including carbon emissions to force the low -carbon or even zero to enter the enterprise. Carbon development. "Gong Xuanyuan, deputy minister of the planning and coordination department of Haikou Jiangdong New District Administration.

Low -carbon green development starts with "once." In the planning of Jiangdong New District, the "near -zero energy consumption" green building, the electricity obtained through clean energy must not only meet the basic power needs such as daily office and lighting, but also transport the reserve power to transport the power of the reserve power during the holidays. To get the income from the grid.

By 2030, the new district will realize "carbon neutrality".

Hainan Ecological Software Park, which is known as the "Taoyuan" place of the Internet industry, earn a revenue of nearly 200 billion yuan last year. If the electricity is converted into carbon displacement, the carbon emissions per 10,000 yuan output value is only two kg.

Haikou Jiangdong New District and Hainan Ecological Software Park are the key parks of Hainan Free Trade Port. There are now 11 parks.

In these parks, environmental protection, energy conservation, low -carbon, and zero emissions are both the "entry threshold" of investment promotion, but also the "standard parts" of people’s work and life.

In 2021, Hainan not only exceeded the carbon strength target issued by the state, but also took the lead in completing the first performance cycle of the national carbon market.

Hainan clean energy installed a 70%, which was 23 percentage points higher than the country. In the first quarter of this year, Hainan’s full disappearance of clean energy, accounting for 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

Like Hainan, all parts of China actively explore the development model of environmental protection, energy conservation and low -carbon, and strive to be "double carbon" superior students.

A group of large -scale wind power photovoltaic base projects rose in the desert Gobi, and a group of offshore wind power projects built along the coast … "Green Development" has become a popular issue of this annual meeting. Development … In dozens of conference activities held for 3 days of annual meeting, "green issues" account for about a quarter.

The epidemic has brought impact and has also spawned the new format and new model. Li Baodong, secretary general of the Boao Forum for Asia, said, "After experiencing this epidemic, the world has more recognized the importance of realizing green recovery and sustainable development than ever before.

During the annual meeting, the forum released the report of "Asia and the World with Sustainable Development -Green Transition Asia in Action", which proposed to the green growth model of green growth and forming a comprehensive green governance for Asian green transformation. Climate change is a major risk facing the world. Shaping the development model of green and low -carbon is a major issue facing sustainable development in various countries in the world. It requires widespread participation and common actions around the world.

In response to the challenges of global climate change, there are currently more than 130 countries and regions around the world proposed the goal of "zero carbon" or "carbon neutralization".

Promoting energy transformation and realizing green and low -carbon development have become a common consensus in the international community. Achieving the "double carbon" goal is China’s solemn commitment.

Since the target of "double carbon" in 2020, China has promoted the comprehensive green transformation of economic and society, and the green and low -carbon lifestyle is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

"The results of Chinese actions are obvious to all." The guests participated in the review. Xinhua News Agency, Hainan Boao Electric (Editor -in -chief: Wang Zhen, Chen Jian) ??sharing more people to see recommendation reading.

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