Beautiful rural Wenmai inheritance

  Another year of the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, and Wu Zitang in Xushan Village is becoming increasingly lively. In order to prepare for the Dragon Boat of the Dragon Boat Festival Folk Culture Festival in Jiaxing Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Teams come here every day. The sound of shouts, drums, and paddles stunned the sound of water, which made the surrounding viewer not help but boil. Xishan Village is located in Bridge Town, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. The mountains in the village used to be the only hill on the Jiahe Plain.

Wu Zitang in Qishan Village is rumored to be the river that Wu Zizhen excavated more than 2500 years ago.

The legend about Wu Zixu has long been integrated into this land, and the custom of the Dragon Boat Festival festival ancestral temple in Jiaxing.

  Crossing the historical cigarette, this village with a moving legend is now struggling to compose the movement of rural rejuvenation in the new era. A beautiful rural painting of the beautiful and rich people is unfolding slowly. The gorgeous Ge Sanghua Sea, the stand -up stone archway, walked into the Sushan Site Park, and the beautiful scenery was fascinating.

In April 2020, the Park Park of the Sushan Site Park with the concept of continuing historical context and reproduction of the concept of Qishan style was opened. After more than two years of careful operation, it has become a well -known land of Range Rover.

  The blue water is around the village, the ancient trees are lush, and the winding bluestone road brings the author to the depths of the village.

The white -wall Daiwa private houses show the gentleness of the traditional Jiangnan dwellings.

An antique scenic spots such as grinding swordstone, Wu Yueqingquan, Quqiao flowing water, and Tao Tao Pavilion are beaded, telling the length of the Wenli Venus.

  Xishan Cottage was once a reading office in the village’s sages. Now it is displayed by the painter Pu Hua’s paintings in the late Qing Dynasty.

Song Tao Pavilion is named after the "Eight Scenery Pictures of Jiahe" in the "Grand Hehshan" of the Yuan Dynasty painter Wu Zhen. The painting of Wu Zhen shows the paintings of Wu Zhen in the pavilion, allowing tourists to appreciate the beauty of the mountains and forests of the ancient mountains.

In the exhibition hall of the intangible cultural heritage, you can not only understand the legend of Wu Zizhen, the battle of Wu Yuezhang Li, but also read the historical materials such as "You Xun Shan Fu" and "The Wall of Shan Shan Titles".

  Wang Yimei, a cadre of the original village of Xishan Village, lived here for 60 years. "After the establishment of the Shanshan Site Park, it seemed to reproduce my life scene when I was a kid.

"Wang Yimei said that in her memory, the Dragon Boat Festival of the Dragon Boat Festival was so grand. Wu Zitangli race dragon boat, snatched the dragon head, every household house," five yellow ", hanging wormwood.

  The living style presentation is a highlight of the Dragon Boat Festival folk customs. Here, you can experience the rich atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival in Jiaxing: mountains and dragon boats to welcome Dragon Boat Festival, specialty bulls, Dragon Boat Festival, colorful sachets dressed in Dragon Boat Festival, and love Dragon Boat Festival … Wang Yimei likes Dragon Boat Festival, because she has been a master of sachets since she was a child, and the Dragon Boat Festival is a good opportunity for her to show her talents.

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival, Wang Yimei will be the same as the inheritance halls in the village as in the village with other intangible cultural heritage inheritors, as in previous years. Dragon dancing lion dance is an important ceremony for the Duan Boat of Xushan Village. 52 -year -old villager Chen Lanzhen performed "Dragon Ball" in the Dragon Dance Team.

During this time, she and the players hurriedly rehearsed the new show of this Dragon Boat Festival this year.

Everyone worked hard and wanted to be stunning everyone during the official performance.

  The integration of cultural tourism has brought new development opportunities to Xushan Village.

"There are more tourists in the village, and my business is better!" Pan Jinliang opened a family farm on the west side of the Park Site Park, planting 60 acres of blueberries and kiwi. Bring an income of more than 1 million yuan. In recent years, under the guidance of the rural rejuvenation strategy in the new era, Lishan Village has vigorously implemented the rural governance model of "co -construction, co -governance and sharing". The new era cultural village of Yigen, Yiyou, Yiye ".

  Today’s Xushan Village has become a common prosperity of Zhejiang countryside.

"Family lives in the house, and the household has a car. 70%of the villagers’ homes even have more than 2 cars." Said Wu Aimin, secretary of the Party Committee of Xushan Village. Villager Wu Weibin told the author that every holiday, many tourists will usher in the village, and the native chickens are in short supply. Essence

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